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The App Store app automatically comes pre-installed in the iPod Touch.

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โˆ™ 2010-05-06 22:01:11
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Q: How do you get the app store on a ipod touch?
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Forgot iPod Touch username for app store?

i forgot my ipod touch username for app store?

How do you get a app on a ipod touch?

go to the app store located on your ipod touch or on itunes store on your computer

How do you get an app store on you ipodtouch?

The App store is already on your ipod touch.

How do you get the App store onto your touch?

The App Store is pre-installed onto your iPod Touch.

How can you download apps on your iPod touch?

There is an App Store app on the iPod Touch that is used to download apps.

Does a ipod touch have a Facebook app?

Yes, the iPod Touch does have a Facebook app in the App Store for free. Thanks for asking!

Is the app store just for iPod touch or is it for all iPods?

The apps from the iTunes app store are only for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

How do you get appstore on iPod touch?

The App Store is already included on the iPod Touch.

How do you download a app to an iPod Touch?

you buy it at the app store

How do you get to the iPod app store?

Through an iPod Touch, you have to be connected to Wi-Fi and then you just tap the App Store app.

Is there an app store on the iPod touch?


Does an iPod Touch have the App Store?


Can you delete the app store on the iPod Touch?


Where do you get ipod touch games from?

app store

Do you have to pay for the app store on a iPod touch?


What problems ocure with the iPod Touch?

ipod app store

Is wolfquest an app for iPod touch?

No it's not a app for iPod touch I searched the app store didn't find the right match

How do you download Facebook on iPod touch?

The Facebook iPod Touch/iPhone app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

Where is the app store on iPod touch?

if you have ipod touch 1st gen you can update to 2.1 to get the app store then any other ipod touch has app store but back 2 the question the app store should be on the home screen it is blue and has a pencil and paint brush and a line through the middle and underneath says app store

How do you download free games to your ipod touch?

go to the app store app that came with the ipod

How much is the email app at the app store for the iPod Touch?

It comes with the iPod when you buy it. Doesn't it?

Is fring the ipod touch app illegal?

If the app is available in iTunes or in the App Store on your iPod Touch, it is not illegal, since all apps in iTunes or the App Store are verified to be completely legal.

Does iPod touch 1st genaration have app store?


How do you put games on a iPod touch?

there in the app store

How do you get godfinger on an ipod touch in the us?

Get it in the App Store