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You should not have removed the tensioner to install the belt. It has a pivot point that and can be moved in order to release the tension on the belt. Once you install the new belt, leave it off the tensioner until last, pivit it and install the belt oner the tensioner.

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Q: How do you get the belt tensioner back on once the belt is on?
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How do you adjust the Belt tensioner on a 92 Chevy 1500?

You can adjust the belt tensioner by loosening the tensioner bolt. When the tensioner bolt is loose the tensioner pulley can move back and fourth.

How do you remove the alternator belt on a 93 prelude?

find the belt tensioner and use a rachet to oush the tensioner back

You just changed the alternator on a 90 LSC you are having trouble getting the belt tensioner back on Is there a trick?

im going on the assumption that you are referring to the belt back on the tensioner cause there is no reason to remove the tensioner to install an alt. if it is a matter of putting the belt on, make sure that the belt is routed correctly through the pulleys. then remove the belt off the alternator, put the belt on the tensioner THEN pull the tensioner back with a wrench on the tensoiner adjusting nut. slip the belt on the alternator and slowly release the wrench. i hope this was helpful

How do you put a serpentine belt backon after it sliped off?

If the belt slipped off, this is an indication that the belt is worn out or the tensioner needs replacing, or both. You put the belt back on by pulling the tensioner back, sliding the belt over all the pulleys in the correct manner, and releasing the tensioner to apply tension to the belt. There should be a diagram of the serpentine belt routing procedure under the hood of your vehicle.

How do you remove the belt tensioner on a 1994 Oldsmobile eighty eight royal?

usually you don't. Use a socket wrench with an extra long handle or "breaker bar". Turn in the direction indicated on the tensioner, and the tensioner will move enough for you to remove the belt. Once the belt is off, you can remove the tensioner if you have to.

How do you change Belt tensioner 1999 Chevy Tracker?

use tensioner to loosen belt. Using a socket, remove the old tensioner..put the new one on and if you were careful, you should be able to slip belt right back in place.

Where is the tensioner on a 97 Ford Escort?

there are two tensioners, the serpentine tensioner and the timing belt tensioner. the timing belt tensioner is behind the timing belt cover ;)

How do you loosen the belt tensioner on a 2000 Buick LeSabre?

The belt tensioner should have a square hole in it either 3/8" or 1/2". Use the right ratchet and pull the tensioner away from the belt. It's spring loaded. Slip the belt off once you have the tension removed.

How do you loosen the belt and belt tensioner on a 97 Buick LeSabre with AC?

The belt tensioner on most GM vehicles has either a 15 or 16 mm nut. Put a socket on a long breaker-bar and use it to back off the tensioner.

How do you Change serpentine belt on 2000 Chevy suburban?

Must be similar to my 98 suburban. Make sure there is a sticker that tells you the routing for the belt somewhere on the front of the car under the hood. Buy a good gates belt. It may cost more, but its worth it. I put a cheaper one on that worked but made an unerving noise. Find the tensioner for the belt. Mine is right next to the alternator on 5.7 liter v8. Your objective is to relieve the tension on the belt at the tensioner and then pull the belt sideways off the tensioner. Once that is done, you just pull the belt out. You can unscrew the bolt in the middle of the tensioner out a ways and pull the tensioner out but not all the way out. this should release the belt. Make sure when you put the tensioner back on that you align the tang on the back of the tensioner in its hole. Option 2: If you are strong enough, You should be able to force the tensioner with your hand to a lower position wihtout taking the tensioner off and then sliding the belt off and on. Remember to look at your belt routing when putting the new one on. You can do this. Good luck.

How do you apply a serpinetine belt on a 2000 impala with a 3.8 engine?

there is a diagram under the hood and in your owners manual of the belt routing, you have to release the tension on the belt tensioner and the belt will come right off and to put a new belt on just follow the routing chart and release tension on the tensioner to get belt back in place and when belt is back on all pulleys just let go of the tensioner and your done.

How do you adjust tensioner to replace thrown belt on 1992 buick lesabre wac v6 4.3?

The tensioner is automatic, no adjustment needed. If you threw the serpentine belt then look for a misaligned pulley or worn tensioner wheel. If you need to move the tensioner to get the belt back on then look for a square hole in the tensioner arm. Use a breaker bar with the appropriate sized square (probably 3/4") to move the arm to get the belt back on. probably tensioner is bad like a failed bearing

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