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To get the bird to leave it's nest, go to Captain Salty. His lobster trap is underwater, and needs help getting it. Flying around the lighthouse at Puffin Point is an old photograph. Take it to the man at the photo shop, and he'll give you Scuba gear. Dive down in the water after you put it on, and go get his lobster trap. It's on the right side, and watch out for bubbles, they'll push you upward. After you get it and give it to him, he gives you the lobster inside it. Go to the top of the lighthouse at Puffin Point, and use the lobster as a wrench to turn the light around. The light hits the bird, annoys it, and it flies away.

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You can only do this with the sardines you get from the tunnel at the prison.

A baby bird leaves the nest in about 3-5 weeks.

Nabooti Island - the elephant bird will come and go on the Safari.Big Nate Island - turn the lighthouse light from the right to the left to scare the seagull off the school's bell tower.(see related questions)

If you can leave it alone do so, sometimes the birds that nested there will come back to nest there again.

a bird that is too young to leave its nest is known Nestling

ok what you do is if its in a nest leave a pot of maggets near the nest and leave it for the mummy bird to take the maggets and feeds the birds or you could put the maggets or worms around the nest

# it takes about 1-2months for a baby bird leaves its nest.

A young bird is a fledgling. They are a fledgling until they leave the nest and are able to fly.

If it is a wild's bird nest that is being used by a bird family, I would just leave it alone until the eggs hatch and the babies have left it. If it is a pet bird's nest, do the same thing.

the mother bird will not come back to the nest, and will just leave the egg there.

A nestling is a young bird that is not old enough to leave the nest.

If the bird is nesting you can not remove it until the young leave the nest.

I saw a bird build a nest on my porch light, after the bird was done building it's nest, it flew away and did not come back for at least 3 or 4 days. Did the bird went to find food or find a mate?AnswerProbably to find a mate, some species of bird build a nest before mating. Also leaves too look for food.

Fright, short trip for food, nest of eggs not hatching and the bird will give up.

The cuckoo is the bird which never builds nest. Cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds and leave the "adopted parents" to raise the cuckoos own chicks.

by not letting it near to humans so they don't leave their nest

because she can go dget food for him/her.

The larger the bird, the larger its nest.

The best thing to do is leave it alone. Dont take a risk to harm the bird to kill the ants. The mom or the baby bird will figure out what to do. Ants might even be food for the baby bird.

When bird find mate they will build a nest

Yes,bird nest fern is alive.

Leave the bird alone. The mum is looking after it.

The nest may break or the bird inside the nest could accidentally knock it out.

Yes, the mother will not recognize the bird and will either leave it to die or peck it to death...... Keep children and pets away from the baby bird...