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How do you get the front hood on a Porsche Boxster open when the battery is dead and how do I get to the emergency release under the right headlight?



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The method varies by year. On the 2000 model there is an emergency release under the drivers side headlight. You have to remove the wheel and front of the splash shield to access it (you do not need to remove the whole splash shield). It is a black flexible wire loop, just pull it and it will unlatch the hood.

On some there is also a red pin that can be pulled up in the fuse panel that if given 12v will give power to the switch.

When my 1999 model battery went dead while sitting in the garage - I put 12V to the C3 fuse. Pull the fuse and using 2 pieces of # 15 wire, wrap each prong at the plastic base and twist tight. Wire nut a two foot long piece of wire to the two shorter ones you attached to the fuse. Put your fuse back in (pulling an adjacent fuse will make it easier to put back in). Now connect a 12V battery, negative to the frame door latch and positive to the long wire. I used jumper cables to another car, negative from the battery to the frame door latch and positive to the long wire. To reset the trunk and hood locks, use a screwdriver to push the door lock closed by inserting in the hole you can see in the end of the door and moving the screwdriver toward the car. Now use the key to unlock, lock and unlock again. You should hear the central locking mechanism unlock.

Oct 23, 2010

I have a 1998 Boxter. Here is how I opened the truck: take a piece of solid copper wire about 10 " long and flatten both ends with a hammer to the same thickness as the fuse blades. Make a "u" shape loop and insert the flattened ends into the fuse holder. Then hook up your battery charger negative lead to the door latch hook and the positive to your copper loop. Put the charger on trickle 0.3 amp charge.

The alarm will go off, so put the key in the door and lock and unlock the door. This shuts off the alarm and you can unlock the trunk. Email me at if you need more help. Regards, Dave R.