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The method varies by year. On the 2000 model there is an emergency release under the drivers side headlight. You have to remove the wheel and front of the splash shield to access it (you do not need to remove the whole splash shield). It is a black flexible wire loop, just pull it and it will unlatch the hood.

On some there is also a red pin that can be pulled up in the fuse panel that if given 12v will give power to the switch.

When my 1999 model battery went dead while sitting in the garage - I put 12V to the C3 fuse. Pull the fuse and using 2 pieces of # 15 wire, wrap each prong at the plastic base and twist tight. Wire nut a two foot long piece of wire to the two shorter ones you attached to the fuse. Put your fuse back in (pulling an adjacent fuse will make it easier to put back in). Now connect a 12V battery, negative to the frame door latch and positive to the long wire. I used jumper cables to another car, negative from the battery to the frame door latch and positive to the long wire. To reset the trunk and hood locks, use a screwdriver to push the door lock closed by inserting in the hole you can see in the end of the door and moving the screwdriver toward the car. Now use the key to unlock, lock and unlock again. You should hear the central locking mechanism unlock.

Oct 23, 2010

I have a 1998 Boxter. Here is how I opened the truck: take a piece of solid copper wire about 10 " long and flatten both ends with a hammer to the same thickness as the fuse blades. Make a "u" shape loop and insert the flattened ends into the fuse holder. Then hook up your battery charger negative lead to the door latch hook and the positive to your copper loop. Put the charger on trickle 0.3 amp charge.

The alarm will go off, so put the key in the door and lock and unlock the door. This shuts off the alarm and you can unlock the trunk. email me at if you need more help. Regards, Dave R.

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How do you get the front hood on a 2003 Porsche Boxster open when the battery is dead and how do I get to the emergency release under the right headlight?

Open the door and pull the hood release.

Where is the battery in a Porsche boxster?

under the front hood, under a battery cover just beyond the spare tire.

Where is the battery located on a 1995 Porsche boxter?

There is no such car as the 1995 Porsche Boxster. The Boxster was introduced mid-year 1996 with all models sold as 1997 models. The only Porsches available in 1995 were 911s.

How do you change the battery in a Porsche key?

To change the battery in a Porsche key, first remove the emergency key and the cover on the back of the key housing. Change the battery and replace the cover and emergency key.

On a 2000 Porsche boxster where is the emergency hood release?

there is usually a set of connections in the fuse box. My 911 has a little plug that pulls out and you connect a 12V back up battery to unlock the hood. Use a spare battery or a vehicle battery (with engine off).

Porsche boxster battery?

Just replaced mine with bosch 48-690B from Pep boys for $89. The dealer wanted $235 + $55 for the acid. F them.

Where do you buy a battery for a Porsche cayenne 2008?

Anyplace that sells batteries can get you the correct size for your Porsche. You do not have to purchase a battery from Porsche.

How do you open hood on 2001 Porsche Boxster with dead battery and faulty hood release?

On the 2002 boxter in the fuse panel at drivers left foot, there is a red tagged thing...pull it out and hook jumper cables to it. This will give your car the power it needs to pop the hood. so that you can get to battery. the other option is there is supposed to be a catch wire near the headlight that you can catch with a hook and pull, this should pop hood.

How do you open the rear trunk of a 2002 Porsche boxster?

There are 2 buttons on the driver side door sill. The front one is for the front trunk and the back one is for the rear trunk. As long as your battery is not dead, it will open.

Is the battery negative ground on a Porsche?

Yes, unless it is a Porsche built in the 50s.

How do you Get power to my Porsche boxster?

Pull out red post in your fuse panel, hook + lead from a 12 volt charger to it, hook - end to door post turn on charger and release hood with switch in kick plate. Access battery and boost.

How do you get into the engine compartment of a 2002 Porsche Boxster?

This should help: Emergency release if battery is dead: Reach over the drivers side front tire in wheel well. Reach around trim in upper wheel well to find a cable, running front to back, pull toward you and it should release the front hood.

How do you start a Porsche when battery is dead?

you can'

How do you change a Porsche FOB battery?

open the lid and change it.

How do you charge the battery on a Porsche Cayenne?

To charge the battery on a Porsche Cayenne S you need to open the hood and on the driver's side open the tallest panel and put the cables on the two points.

How to replace boxster s tire pressure sensor battery?

You can not replace just the tire pressure sensor on a Boxster. You will need to replace the whole sensor. The sensor is located inside the tire assembly.

How do you replace headlight on 1998 dodge truck?

Do you have to remove the battery and battery holder?la

How do you put gas on a boxster with a dead battery?

It has a dead battery, gas will not help this condition. LOL. They is a manual release in the passenger door that will open the fuel door, but you still need a battery.

Why is battery light on after key removed on my Porsche 944?

bad alternator

Where is the battery in a 2001 Porsche 911?

In the trunk under a plastic cover

Where is the battery located in your Porsche cayenne 2011?

Under the driver seat

Where is the Battery located on a 2002 Porsche boxter?

near the fuse box

Where is the headlight fuse on the 1993 subaru imprezza?

behind the battery

Where is battery located on 1979 Porsche 911?

Front Left corner of the trunk.

How do you open the hood on a 1997 Porsche boxster when the battery is dead?

The easiest way is to reactivate the electronics by sending power through the cigarette lighter plug. There are adapters and jumper plugs available for this at any parts store. You can also access your fuse panel in the drivers foot well and add power through the panel.

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