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How do you get the most popular girl in school to like you?

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2013-03-23 09:59:04
2013-03-23 09:59:04


you don't there the worst kinds of girls in most instance there not worth it, because if you get them you will realize how weak they are and how flawed there characters may be. they probably will be very disappointing.

Replying to this retarded answer....One of the most popular girls i know happens to very smart, nice, flawed is an insult idk wat was ur point of posting that but this ain't the 80's popular girls are actually pretty nice smart one

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simple by haveing the most people like you in school

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if you mean popular like most of the population of the school knows you, than you make friends with more people. but if you wanna be like the popular rude kind, you sorta gotta buy them stuff and you become popular.............but go with the one with the more people know you thing..... its better

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Missie is the most popular and prettiest girl in the school.

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