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How do you get the parking light lens off to change the bulb on a 1994 Toyota pickup after removing the two screws?


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2015-07-15 21:27:03
2015-07-15 21:27:03

I just replaced the headlights on my 1989 truck and to do that you have to loosen the bumper, and remove the grill and the marker lights (great fun). I got stumped a little at the marker lights. After you remove the screws, they pull straight out perpendicular to the vehicle. So imagine you are in the driver's seat: the right marker light pulls straight out to the right, and the left goes straight out to the left. There are two little pins on the marker light assembly that go into corresponding holes on the sides of the front grill. There are plastic doohickies (technical term of course) that make those fit snuggly in the holes. I used a small screwdriver slipped in between the front grill and the marker light assembly to carefully leverage the marker lights straight out. The plastic things can become brittle so be careful to pull straight out and avoid breaking them.

Good luck.


It sucks you had to go through all that, to repalce your headlights, I removed the turn signals, popped the top row of clips, removed the top screws in the headlight brackets and CAREFULLY bent the light brackets and the side of the grill I was working on, if you're careful, it works fine and saves a ton of hassles, if you're not careful, you'll replace your grill at no cheap cost, I did both sides rather then just the blown light....


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