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95 % of the time the nylon cord that moves the antenna up and down gets stripped. The power antenna motor is going to cost about $200.00. The antenna mast is about $40.00 which comes as part of the nylon cord. The motor that drives the antenna must bestill working. The procedure to fix takes about 15 minutes. Remove the nut that secures the antenna and slowly pull the antenna out od the socket. Take the new antenna with the nylon leadand feed it into the socket hole. You can then secure the antenna in place with the holding nut.

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Q: How do you get the power antenna down on a 1979 Corvette can hear a click in the back when you turn on the radio is that an antenna relay?
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Where is antenna relay location on a 1989 Corvette convertable?

where is the radio antenna relay located in a 1989 Corvette Convertible

How do you remove a radio from a 1981 Chevy Corvette?

Begin by removing the decorative radio cover from your 1981 Chevy Corvette radio. Remove the radio retaining screws. Slide the radio out and remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable.

How do you replace the radio in a 1979 Corvette?

Remove the front cover of your 1979 Chevy Corvette radio. Remove the radio retaining screws. Slide the radio out. Remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the radio. Reverse the process to install the new radio.

How do you change a power antenna on a QX4?

With your radio in the On position, turn your ignition 1 click to engage the power antenna. Then gently pull out old antenna as it raises. Feed in new antenna while your assistant turns the radio to the Off position. the motor will naturally pull in the new antenna...or go to the carwash and convince them their mechanised mildew-removing mmaham are the guilty party, and they owe $35 for a new antenna.

Where is the button for the power antenna on a 1995 Mercury Mystique located?

There is no button for the power antenna it works by it self if you turn on the ignition and your radio is on the antenna should come up by it self, if problem doesent go away it could be that ur radio isent hooked up to the antenna (yellow wire) or your power antenna blew.

What are the options for car radio antenna types?

The options for car radio antennas include internal car antennas, external car antennas, power antennas, and satellite antennas. The internal antenna is the least effective and most cars come with either the external fixed antenna or the power antenna unless their is a satellite radio in the car and then it is a satellite antenna.

Does power antenna for 1978 Corvette operate by a fuse?

Yes there is a fuse. Determining which fuse protects the antenna motor may require some detective work. It may be the radio fuse, or it may be a separate fuse, perhaps shared with the rear-window defroster grid.

Where is the relay switch located for the driverside powerwindow and antenna in a 99 firebird.?

The antenna relay is on the power antenna itself(in the trunk.) a wire goes from the radio harness to tell the antenna there is power to the stereo and then the antenna goes up when it gets that signal(just by the 12volts going to the relay.)

Where is the power antenna fuse on a 98 montero sportfuse box cover missing?

it gets its power from radio so its on the radio fuse but if the radio is working its not the fuse my advice is go buy an antenna that's not powered just make sure it has several mounting pads

Does a 2000 4runner have a fuse for the power antenna?

Should be the same fuse as the radio

Where is the fuse for the power antenna on a 1992 buick park ave?

Radio fuse

1996 jeep grand Cherokee right hand drive antenna relay?

I don't believe there is a relay. When you turn on the power to your radio the antenna should go up and down when you turn off the power. If the antenna is not doing just that, then the antenna motor is bad.

How do you get to radio antenna in BMW x5?

By removing the spare tire, moving the air compressor out of the way, then removing the plastic cover above the Radio Module. The X5 antenna connection is on the radio module. You will see 2 connections- the bigger one is the antenna that gives you signal. The smaller connection is a 12v cable that provides power to the antenna amp.

Will the radio from a 1996 Corvette fit in a 2002 Corvette?


Where is the fuse for the power antenna of 1997 acura integra?

It is on the same circuit as the interior light. 7.5 amp fuse. This is the always powered line to the antenna. There is also a power wire from your radio which makes it go up and down when the radio is turned on and off.

Where was the antenna located in the 1953 Corvette?

The antenna was located in the trunk. The antenna consists of a wire mesh screen fiber-glassed into the interior lining of the trunk lid. Because fiberglass is electrically inert, this solution provided a way of concealing the antenna without creating radio interference. It worked quite well and provided good reception on the signal seeking AM Radio. Although the radio was listed as a $145.15 option is was installed on all of the 300 Corvettes built and sold that year.

Will a damaged antenna cable to an aftermarket stereo prevent the stereo from turning on?

no. first check fuses. check ground. check for voltage to memory, and switched power to radio. the only time the antenna would affect the radio in that manner is if the ground was connected to the antenna.

Where is the radio antenna located on a 2006 Ford Fusion?

on the 2006 models of the ford fusion. the radio antenna is embedded in the back glass with the rear defrosters. It's important to know that when installing aftermarket radio you should connect pin 5 on the radio harness to a switched 12v source. If not done this will cause problems with radio reception! pin 5 is the antenna's booster power wire and was originally powered off of the stock radio but the aftermarket radios do no supply this power source. I reccommend using a relay and the remote antenna wire and 12v constant wires off the new radio harness to make this connection! this will allow the the remote wire to switch the relay on and off when the radio powers on, and connect the the tapped 12v constant wire to the antenna booster power! thats how i would do it!

What can transformation can occur in a radio antenna?

The radio antenna converts electromagnetic radiation to electrical energy

How do you connect the radio antenna on a 1993 Ford f150?

To connect the radio antenna on a 1993 Ford F-150, the back of the radio needs to be exposed under the dash. Plug the radio antenna wire into the back of the radio and tighten the nut.

What does Electromagnetic Pulse power?

Nothing, it blows out power grids and any kind of radio/TV/etc. connected to an antenna.

Where is the EPF radio antenna on club penguins?

The antenna is located on the sledding hill, hidden on the pole thing. Click the center where it moves out alittle bit and then your phone will turn green. Click the phone and play the minigame. This is how u beat the mission.

How does the power antenna work on the 1996 Chrysler Concorde LXi?

Turning on your radio will send power to the motor which is the base of the entire antenna. The motor turns a gear which is connected to a nylon strip with notches (mating gear) which is moved through a channel and is connected to the top of the antenna and pushes the antenna up.

How do you install a universal antenna?

Remove the old antenna. Attach the universal antenna to the radio and replace the radio after finishing the task. Install the new antenna. Test to ensure the wiring works.

How do you disconnect antenna power on 2001 4Runner?

Your antenna can be disconnected from behide your radio or if you know how to take off your antenna mount on the outside of your car the cable that's attached to that you can disconnect but make sure you put black tape around it because sometimes it can act as a ground for your radio.

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