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It requires a Power Steering pulley PULLER. You can rent them at some parts stores.


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That pulley is a press fit type. There are not any threads. You will need to rent/buy some pullers for that power steering pulley.

It is presssed on and it requires a special puller to remove it. Advance auto parts stores will rent one to you.

u need to buy a tool caled a power steering pump pulley removal amd installation kit i t will come with instructions on use most parts stores should carry these

The Allen head is NOT a bolt. Go to an Auto parts store and get a Power Steering Pulley Remover tool. The pulley is pressed on, there will be instructions with the tool or ask the counter person.

See Ganderton's Answersearch for "How do you change power steering fluid". Hope it Helps.

Pulley is pressed onto pump, you need a puller to remove.

Go to your local auto parts store and get the rental pulley puller. That's what you need.

It is on the bottom of the steering gear box.

No steering power or brake power ford explorer 1999?

no. mine does not have power steering and it's a 1999 sl1

I haven't seen one lately, but most GM's require a power-steering pulley puller. You should be able to borrow one from a local parts store for a small deposit, or maybe buy one from an online auction site.

How to replace power steering hose in 1999 ford excort

Yes, but will also need to change the power steering pump and bracket as well as move the idler pulley to the power steering pump side of the motor.

It is likely underneath the plastic shrowd, just to the right of the steering column as you look at the steering wheel.

Attach your new power steering pump with the power steering retaining bolts. Attach the power steering pump hose. Put the power steering pump belt on.

Moving clockwise starting at the Alternator pulley - over power steering pump - down under compressor pulley - over to torsional damper - around damper to auto tensioner - around auto tensioner - back to alternator pulley.

On top of the power steering pump dummy

If it is whining when turning, then air may be trapped in the lines. Sometimes filling the reservoir and turning the steering wheel back and forth will bleed the air out. Sometimes not. If bleeding the air out doesn't work then it may be a bad power steering pump. Check the pulley too.

Passenger side behind the motor the pulley is in plane with the other accesories. Make sure it's cool or you will burn yourself.

You can use Mobil 1 synthetic power steering fluid for a 1999 BMW 528i.

No power steering was not in 1997 corsa. it came after 1999

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