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Just inside the trunk (at the center) is a bolt that lowers the spare tire rack. It is probably covered up by a small flap in the carpet. Use the tire lug wrench to lower the spare tire.

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How do you change meter light bulb for Toyota Previa?

open the meter, buy a new bulb , put it in holder , refix

who is the lein holder?

Who is the lein holder on this vehicle

Who owns the vehicle you or the lien holder?

Well, you own the vehicle subject to the lien. You cannot sell or refinance the vehicle until the lien holder is paid. If you don't pay the lien, the lien holder can repossess the vehicle. So you own it subject to your paying the loan.

Does the lien holder of a vehicle have the title?

No it does not

Does a lien holder have rights to your property in your vehicle?

no they do not

Can a lien holder file an ins claim on customer's auto policy?

No a lien holder can not file a claim against the insurance company as they are not the named insured, you are. Although if there is a lien on the vehicle the insurance payment for damages to your vehicle will be in your name and the lien holder name. They then might require that you fix the vehicle so they can protect their interest in the vehicle. each lien holder is different. CORRECTION: If the lien holder is named on the policy and the vehicle has been repossessed, the lienholder has a right to recovery under that policy.

Lien holder on your vehicle?

The lien holder is the person or firm, you borrowed the money from to purchase the car.

How do you find lien holder on vehicle?

The name of the lien holder should be on the face of the Vehicle's title.

Can you sell a vehicle if the title holder is deceased?

I believe you can sell it if you are the beneficiary, or if you inherited the vehicle.

How do you receive a vehicle title that still has a lien?

You can't. If a vehicle has a lien on it the lien holder is the owner of record of the vehicle.

Where is the coin holder in the 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid?

Use the ashtray.

What to do when the wrong lien holder is on the vehicle title?

georgia law on timeframe lean holder has to process car title

What is a vehicle title?

A legal paper stating ownership of a vehicle - shows: owner's name lien holder (if any) Vehicle description Vehicle Identification No.

How long after repossession of your vehicle does the lien-holder have to sell the vehicle?

Forever Adding: I believe the questioner may actually mean to say - does the lien holder have to wait to sell it. Perhaps he doesn't understand that after repossession, it is then "their", that is the lenders, vehicle.

How do you find the lien holder if you only have the VIN of the car and no paperwork but you do have the car?

To find the lien holder of a vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle will have to apply for a duplicate title. The VIN will be necessary to obtain the duplicate title. The lien holder will be listed on the duplicate title.

Can a lien holder stop you from registering your vehicle for tags if you have defaulted on the loan?

They have a vested interest in the vehicle. Their lien can prevent you from registering the vehicle.

What are the vehicle lien-holder rights on a lien-holder claim?

What are my rights as a lien holder if the customer does not have full coverage even after it is part of his or her contract with us.

Can you repossess a vehicle for nonpayment if it has a lien?

Only if you are the holder of the loan, or a court has ordered the surrender of the vehilce to you. As a simple lien holder, you can only block the transfer of the title and possibly recover from the sale of the vehicle.

Will an impounded vehicle be turned to the lien holder?

Not unless the lien holder goes and retrieves it from impound themselves. The reimbursement of government fees (federal, state, or municipal) outweighs the priorities of the lienholder. When a vehicle goes into impound, the agency which impounded the vehicle puts their own lien on it, and that lien takes priority over the original lien. If the vehicle is not retrieved from impound, it will be auctioned off, and the lien holder basically gets shafted in the process. The person who took the lien out on the vehicle will owe the remaining balance still, and one of the money the agency auctioning the vehicle makes will go towards reducing the amount owed to the lien holder. To that end, you're better to let the lien holder repossess the vehicle and auction it, rather than have it impounded.

How do you add my name as a lien holder to a vehicle?

Take the title to the office where you get your tag at, and take the buyer, and the lien holder and the'll help you.

How can you lien holder reposses car if car was impounded due to buyer lost drivers license?

As the lien holder of the vehicle, they are contacted by the proper authorities that their asset (the said vehicle) is at an impound lot accuring fees. Because the lien holder is in essence the true owner of the vehicle until the loan is paid off & the lien is released, they have the right to reposses the vehicle from the impound. This is in the best interest of the lien holder because if fees add up, it may not be worth picking up in the end. What many debtors do not realize is that if they do not redeem the vehicle from the lien holder once it is picked up from impound, the vehicle is sold at auction to the higgest bidder & that is in turn applied towards the debtors deficiency balance.

Your jeep is in repossision but your ex wife has the jeep and the can not find it can you be arrested it is in your name?

I'm assuming you are saying the Lien Holder cannot locate the vehicle? In many states the vehicle is not repossessed until the Lien Holder or their agent is in possession of the vehicle. Therefore normally you could not be arrested because they cannot locate the vehicle.

Can a creditor repossess a car without a registered lien or validate title?

If the creditor is the loan holder of the vehicle a lien is already in place. The title will show the loan provider as the primary lien holder. That insures the vehicle as collateral and if default occurs the lien holder can repossess the vehicle without going to court. Except in the few states that require the creditor to obtain a replevin order before seizing the vehicle.

Can a lien holder repo a vehicle for no reason?

Not normally ... there must be some reason for this action on the part of the lien holder. If just one payment is missed, or just one day late, the lien holder could claim 'breach of contract' and demand return of the vehicle. I would be asking a high ranking official of this lien holder this very question ...

Where is the fuse box location on 2007 Nissan sentra?

Bottom left of dash under steering wheel locate sunglass holder, open holder and then pull up fusebox underneath

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