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How do you get the stereo out of a '94 Corolla?


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May 09, 2008 1:32AM

There are 2 screw in the middle of central panel. Just above the cigarrete lighter. After remove screws get all controllers handles out ( just give them a little pull), a/c button come out in one piece, ashtray, cigarrete thing, etc. Now you have the panel divided in two pieces. Pop out to bottom part first ( ashtray part) and hanging beside. Now pop out top part where radio is. After pop it out, disconnect 3 controller from back ( Emergency lights, Back glass elect.heater and Clock). Put panel aside. Now you can see 4 screws holding radio. get them out. Disconnect the 2 plugs. Dont forget to save and use the factory brackets for your aftermarket radio. Hope it helps!