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You need to do what they say and then they will move afterwards.

Basically, you have to see all the Pokemon in Sinnoh.

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Where is battle tower in Pokemon pearl?

It is northwest of the Pokemon center in the fight area. (you must defeat the elite four to get to the fight area)

Razor Fang in Pokemon Pearl?

You may obtain the Razor Fang in Pokemon Pearl at the Battle Park in the Fight Area.

Can you buy rare candy in Pokemon pearl?

yes you can get them in fight area

How do you get past fight area on Pokemon pearl?

Complete sinnoh dex

Where to get a super rod on Pokemon pearl?

The Fishing Guru gives it to you. He is in the Fight Area.The super rod is given to you by the Fishing Guru in the Fight Area.

Where is the battle zone in Pokemon pearl?

the battle zone is right next to the fight area

Where do you find Barry in Pokemon Pearl after you go to the Fight area?

find him in pastoria town

What do you do on Pokemon pearl after you've done the national pokedex?

Go to the Fight area and you can now get past the people who were blocking the ways out of the Fight area. You can get to Stark Mountain, Resort area and Survival area - cool, huh?! You cvan even catch a Heatran!

Where do you get a super rod Pokemon Platinum?

You can receive a Super Rod from a fisherman in the Fight Area on Pokemon Platinum, Diamond and Pearl.

How do you fix the glitch in Pokemon pearl when fight area freezes when ever you go there?

you have to talk to someone

Where do you find all the rods in Pokemon pearl?

West of Jublife South of Solacean Fight Area

How do you get to the battle tower in Pokemon pearl?

In pearl, defeat the Pokemon league champion and then go to Snowpoint City. Take the boat across to the fight area and the battle tower is right there.

Where can you find murkrow in pokemon pearl?

first pass the whole game get to the fight area you might find it there

How do y get the superrod on Pokemon pearl?

go to fight area (on the mini island) and talk to the notheast fisherman.

Where is your rival in fight area in Pokemon pearl?

he isn't there he goes to other places you can go to after nayional Dex

Where can you get a superod at in Pokemon pearl?

To get the super rod, you need to complete your sinnoh pokedex. Then go to the fight area and go straight up where the two people used to be, they shouldn't be there anymore. Then talk to the guy who is right by the exit of Fight area. He will give it to you.

How do you get past the guys blocking your way at the fight area to the survival area in pearl version?

To get past the people that are blocking your way, you need to see every Pokemon in the shinnoh dex and then get the national dex.

Where does Buck go after stark mountain in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

He goes to the Fight Area in platinum cuz i have the handbook

How do you get a master rod on pearl?

I don't think you get a Master Rod on Pokemon Pearl. The best you get I think is a Super Rod, and you get that from the fisherman by the west entrance of the Fight Area. == ==

Where is the fight area in Pokemon pearl version?

once you ve defeated the Pokemon league you go to snow point city and man with a boat will take you there

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon pearl to heart gold?

Yes you can locally trade between Pokemon Pearl and HeartGold meaning the people that you're trading with must be in an area that is close to you.

Is there a trainer in Pokemon Pearl who has a torrtera?

your rival has one. if you battled him everytime then battle him in the fight area. if you want to use that catching people Pokemon cheatr then you can also catch a grotle from some person in route 210.

Where do you get a super rod in Pokemon Pearl?

some guy in the fight area gives you'll have to get the nat(national)pokedex. Be aware of that.

Where do you get a rod in Pokemon Pearl?

there are three places, to the east of jubilife city, west of hearthome city and north of the fight area

Where is the battle park on Pokemon pearl?

On fight area after you defeat Pokemon league. You need to go o snowpoint city and talk to the sailor in there. He'll bring you there.

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