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How do you get the window on track in a Pontiac sunfire 2002 with power windows?

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If your window is like my grand am the glue that holds the track and window together is not holding properly, so window keeps coming off track. I have not found a glue that holds yet.

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How do you convert crank windows to power windows on a 2000 Pontiac sunfire?

I've been trying to find this out for my Pontiac. The best I got was the answer at eHow.com. Here's the link http://www.ehow.com/how_11205_convert-power-windows.html Hope that helps -KV

How do you fix power windows on Pontiac grand am they won't go up?

1999 Pontiac grand pre how do I bypass driver window so I can get it up.

Location of power window motor in a 1996 Pontiac sunfire?

I can't tell you precisely, but you'll see it when you pull the inside door panel off to access it.

How can you close a rear power window that won't close electrically on a Pontiac Montana?

I just bought a Pontiac Montana 2004 and dont know how to close the rear windows

1998 Pontiac sunfire Power train?

Do you have a more specific question about the drive train?

How much horse power does a Pontiac 95 sunfire manual motor have?

You can find quite a bit of info about Sunfires at this website http://consumerguideauto.howstuffworks.com/1995-to-2005-pontiac-sunfire-6.htm FriPilot

My Power window on the drivers side of 2000 Pontiac sunfire won't work?

This could be caused by a blown fuse or a short in the wire. If its a blown fuse, replace it. If it is a short you get to play follow the wire from the window control button until you find the short.

How much horse power does a 1995 Pontiac sunfire manual transmission have?

Horse power is a rating on the motor, it has nothing to do with the transmission.

Wiring diagram for power windows Pontiac Montana?

The wiring diagram for the power windows for a Pontiac Montana should be in the owner manual. A manual can be purchased if the original is not with the car.

How do you put on a belt on a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?

I am trying to change the belt on a 2.2 L, 96 Pontiac Sunfire. There is no adjustment on the alt. or power steering that I can see and I cant see how the tensioners work. Anyone have any ideas.

And the electric windows dont work?

Here's how to test and repair power windowshttp://www.ricksfreeautorepairadvice.com/repair-topics/window-power-repair/replace-a-power-window-regulator

2002 Mercury Mountaineer Power Windows Not working?

Check the power window fuses and the relay first. If all of the windows do not work then it is a power problem with the whole window system.

How do you run a power wire on a 1995 Pontiac sunfire?

what kind of power wire?(a power wire for an amp maybe) what kind of power wire?(a power wire for an amp maybe)

What causes a Pontiac Sunfire to lose power while driving?

probably fuel filter or a simple tune up

Where is the fuse for the power windows in a 2000 Pontiac grand am?

In the fuse panel located in the drivers side. Too bad this won't fix your window regulator problem which you're having.

Where can you find a power window wiring diagram for a 1977-1979 Pontiac Trans Am?

You can find a power window wiring diagram for your 1977 through 1979 Pontiac Trans Am in Pontiac service manuals. The service manuals can be found at most local libraries.

1998 Pontiac Transport. the power window switches work but the windows go up and down very slowly.. what's wrong?

I got the same problem, when the window goes up and down, see if the window tilt a little bit, if it, then should be the windows regulator that is bent, that's why the motor is forcing it, replace it and that is it.

Can a 97 Pontiac firebird door with power window be substituted for one without power?

Yes the power door can be used as it is the same as your door but you will have to switch the hardware inside of the door and use your hardware from your non power windows, everything will fit from your door into the power door.

How do you repair the power windows in a 2002 Pontiac Firebird if they lose strength?

If they are losing strenght, first try spraying silicone lube into the rubber weatherstrips where the window rides. A lot of times they become dry causing the windows to stick. If this does not help, unfurtunely you will have to replace the window motors. I have done many of these

What causes intermittent power window failure in a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix?

There are a couple of different reasons as to why there would be power window failure in a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix. One reason could be a faulty fuse or it could also be a short in the window motor.

Where is the power window fuse for 1996 cadi llac located?

Wont have a power window fuse. Power windows usually are controlled by a circuit breaker.

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