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How do you get the wiper arms off a 1991 Blazer?

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At the point the arm hinges at the base, There should be a small tab 1/8 of an inch or less. Hold the wiper blade up away from the windshield just a bit to releave the pressure. The tab pulls out 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. This will let the arm pull straight up. You may need to pry slightly on the base to make it release. Put something between the wiper and the body so no scratches, gently pry up.

2015-07-15 20:56:44
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How do you remove windshield wiper arms to take plastic cowl off to get at wiper motor in a 1998 Camry?

Take off the bolts at the bottom of the wiper arms and you may have to wiggle the arms back and forth to work the wiper arms off.

Wipers stay up when switch is off 1991 Ford Taurus?

The wiper arms could be loose or out of time. Check the wiper arms to make sure that they are not loose or have slipped at the motor, causing a timing issue.

How do you get the wiper blade arms off of a 1991 Chevy Corsica?

look for a little clip at the end of the arm where the wiper blade slides over pull up on the clip it should slid right off.

How do you get a wiper blade off a 2002 blazer?

The 2002 Chevrolet Blazer has the most common hook-end wiper arms. See related links below for install video. Locate the tab or button where the wiper blade is inserted into the wiper arm hook. Pull wiper blade out of hook. Sometimes you'll need to rotate and flex the blade to make enough clearance for the hook to pass through.

How do you take off the wiper arms on a 98 Mitsubishi montero sport?

Do you mean wiper arms or do you mean the wiper blade assemblies attached to the wiper arms? If assembly, then see sources and related links below for a wiper blade installation video for 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Sport (hook end arms).

How to get the wiper arms off on a 96 concord?

To remove the wiper arms from a 1996 Concord, remove the small clip holding them on. Then pull up on the arm.

How do you change your wiper motor in a 96 Dodge Ram?

at the back of the hood, base of the windshield there is a black plastic piece that your wiper arms are coming out off. remove the wiper arms and the black cowl and you will see the wiper motor off the the driver side and you can figure it out from there.Good luck

How do you get the 2002 Jeep liberty wiper to go down and stay down?

remove wiper arms from vehicleturn wipers onthen turn wipers offshut off ignitionreplace wiper arms at the down positionthis should be the return position when ever u shut wipers off

How do you replace wiper arms and motor on a ford explorer?

The wiper arms have a small clip under them that pushes to the side, then the arms pull off. The motor is under the cowling, remove the cowling to gain access.

Why extend wipers off windshield?

You do not want to have wipers that extend off the edge of the glass - it hinders the performance of the wipers, shortens the life of the wiper and can create stress and damage to the wiper arms, wiper linkage and wiper motors.

How do you remove the front wiper arms on a 1999 Dodge Durango?

remove the caps at the end of the wiper arms. Unscrew the nut holding down the arm and it should come off.

Changing wiper arms on 2002 Avalon how do you get the old ones off?

Wiper arms or blades? There is a difference. I suggest you go to Autozone. They are more than happy to replace them for you for free. That's what I do.

How do you remove the wiper arms on a 1992 Chevy S10 Blazer?

Lift wiper arm so that it is at about a 90 degree to the windshield. It should stay there. Now look near the base. There should be a little lever. You should be able to fit a screwdriver between it and the wiper arm. Pry the lever sideways and once it opens up a little you should be able to lift the wiper arm right off.

What is wrong if the wiper of a 2002 Chevy Impala goes off the windshield?

The linkage bushings are worn/missing/broken or the wiper arms are not timed properly to the wiper transmissions.

Do you have a diagram of vacuum hoses on a 1991 Chevy blazer?

I need a diagram for the 1991 Chevy blazer to see where the 3 hoses go to coming off the transfer case.

How do you take off windshield wiper arms of a dodge D 100?

it's not possible...

How do you take the windshield wipers off of a dodge power wagon?

I have a 1977 powerwagon and my wipers have a little bump at the end of the arms. The wiper should have a tab that you lift to release the wiper from the tab and then slide the wiper off the end of the arm.

Why do wipers hit together on 2002 venture?

someone put the wiper arms on the wrong notch on the wiper posts. take one off and adjust it

Toyota 4-runner 1988 after installing windshield wiper motor wipers stay up how do you get them to go down when you turn them off?

when u turn wipers off they stay at up position. while in up position remove wiper arms from vehicle then place wiper arms at down position and renistall on wiper motor shaft. that should fix the problem

Changing wiper arms on 1967 Chevelle?

just pry the arm upward off the spline.

How do you remove the wiper arms from a 2002 mercury villager?

Pull the clips back and lift them off.

How do i get old wiper blades off of the wiper arm on astro van?

A person can get the old wiper blades off the wiper arms of a Chevy Astro Van by pressing the release latch and sliding them out the end. This allows the blades themselves to be changed without removing the whole arm.

How do you remove the front wiper arms from a 1997 Mercury Villager?

The front wiper arms on a 1997 Mercury Villager clip off once they are bent backwards. To install the new wipers simply slide them into the clip.

How do you remove the wiper arms from a 96 Buick LeSabre?

Raise wiper arm up off the windshield. Pull the little metal tab and rotate the catch out that holds the arm up off the windshield. Then pull on the base of the wiper arm and wiggle it up off the splines.

How do you Change the wiper blades on a 1992 Buick Century?

Blades are pressed onto posts on the end of the wiper arms. Just pull and wiggle and they'll come off.