How do you get through the security panel level 3 on club penguin?

Stage 1

The Agents broke into Herbert's Fortress, and they had to disable the Security Terminal 1.  

Stage 2

On November 16, agents were given a Grappling Hook which they used to pull a lever and open the door to access Security Terminal 2 and disable it. but you need to know how to throw the grappling hook.  

Stage 3

On November 18, agents are given a Plasma Laser, which they use to cut through another one of Herbert's doors and disable Security Terminal 3. Also, Herbert captured Dot and froze her along with Gary.  

Stage 4

On November 20, agents equipped the Deflection Vest to cross a laser security system and infiltrate Security Terminal 4. Rookie was also captured by Herbert.  

Stage 5

On November 22, agents equipped the Smoke Goggles to see through a smoke screen and infiltrate another location of the last terminal, Security Terminal 5. Jet Pack Guy was captured.  

Stage 6

On November 24, agents used the Anti-Lava Boots to walk across the lava and enter Herbert HQ, disabling theHigh Frequency Infrared Reversion Laser. The Director was also captured.  


All the captured agents are freed. When the agents turn off the Solar Laser, its self-destruction will be activated. Penguins around the island rejoice, and the sun comes back out, while Herbert screams in defeat. The Director congratulates you for freeing Club Penguin from Herbert's dictatorship, and reveals her identity to be...Aunt Arctic!