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How do you get to Michael Power High School by bus?

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From Jane St take the 35 Jane Bus to Jane Station, from there go to Kipling Station. Take bus 112 to West Mall/Renforth/Eringate. From Jane St take the 35 Jane Bus to Jane Station, from there go to Kipling Station. Take bus 112 to West Mall/Renforth/Eringate.

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How high is a school bus stair?

Depends on the bus

What kind of energy is used when riding a school bus?

The engender is the power of the bus

How long do you have to go to school to be a school bus driver?

i think you just have to finish high school.

Does Bishops high school have a school bus?

Yes Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School have school buses. They arrive right after school to drop kids home.

How is sports related to transportation?

Transportation is related to sports because you need transportation to get to all of your sports contests. There are different types of transportation that include bus, train, and airplanes. For the professional teams the most likey means of transportation is airplanes, but for high school most likely a school bus is used to get to the sports contest. Nathan Michael Hasenfratz Coleman High School Graduating Class of 2009

Does the actors from high school musical go on the tour on the bus?


In high school musical Troy gets on what number bus?


Which bus number goes to Carr Manor High School?


Is there any bus from Mark Keppel High School to San Garbiel High School?

no, if u live in SG, then go to SG HS

What should you do if people are smoking on the special 3 bus you take to and from school they are in high school you hate the nasty smell the busdriver does nothing about it?

Report it to the school head and, or the bus company head office.

Why should high school students drive to school?

they dont "have" to, the bus is still free....i guess its kind of embarrasing being a senior and riding the bus with all the underclassmen

How much money does a high school bus driver earn a year?


Which bus goes past Baltimore City High School?

36 & 22

Where is the centennial high school bus stop?

It depends where u live by centennial

Do French children catch a bus to school?

The younger the schoolchildren, the more likely it is that there is a school nearby, so most of the younger ones walk to school. There are less high schools and still less senior high schools, so in secondary education, students are likely to get to school by bus.

Has Winona Ryder ever exposed her breasts?

Only when riding the local school bus to Junior High School and the bus driver was cited numerous times for driving on the sidewalk.

Is it normal for a high school student to be into the Magic School Bus?

that show is beast mode. it's perfectly normal

Where are the scripps ranch high school bus stops?

Yes, the scripps ranch just highschool bus stops. I guess highschooling bus stops' simply the way it is

What education does Justin Bieber have?

He did elementary, middle, and does the rest of high school on the tour bus

Why is a school bus a compound machine?

A school bus is a compound machine because it combines multiple simple machines working together. In order to power a school bus you use a lever to turn the key, a plank to get the gas from the tank to the engine, and the engine uses gears to work.

Is there a school bus that goes to Francis Lewis High School?

I think they have 8 buses to go to this school. They have school bus. The website gives the following advice for reaching the school "by bus:" "Take the Q17, Q88, Q31, or Q30 to Utopia Pkwy, and Horace Harding Expressway. The school is one block north of the Long Island Expressway."

What does Toman ustedes el bus escolar a la escuela mean?

"Take the school bus to school."or "Do you take the school bus to school?"

What are the advantage of a school bus?

if you are tardy for school you can get to it by bus quickly

What bus does troy get off of in High School Musical?

a yellow one...? numero 5 obviously!

In High School Musical Troy gets on what number bus after the holidays?

I think five, not sure.