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by being friendly.

The last answer was :by being friendly But I know that that is WAAAY easier said than done! Why don't you try this: Deliberately drop your bag when they walk past and make sure it's open so a couple of things fall out. If they stop to help you, you can be all like "thanks so much.. I'm such a clutz! I think we're in the same --- class together. I'm ---, what's your name?" If they don't stop to help, then pick ur stuff up quickly and laugh at yourself a little, then casually go into step with them and be like "embarrassing, huh?!" If they smile / respond in anyway, take your chance! Say "your in my class right? I was wondering if you understood the --- homework, I'm totally bad at ---!!" They might be able to help u, and if not, u will know that u have something in common! Sorry these suggestions are only for when you're meeting new people, but if u already kinda know them, make an effort to attemp conversation and say hi when you pass them. You might find it easier talking to them via social networking - Facebook, iMessage etc. good luck x

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Q: How do you get to know and be friends with a girl in your high school classes?
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