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How do you get to snowpoint?

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Where can you get a regigigas?

deep in the snowpoint temple of snowpoint city

Is Dialga in the snowpoint temple?

Nohe is not a snowpoint temple even though i never been to the snowpoint temple. i have Dialga.Regigigas is.

In Pokemon pearl how do you you get into snowpoint temple?

It is at the top of Snowpoint City!!!

Where is the seventh gym in Pokemon pearl?

its in snowpoint city its in snowpoint city

Where is snowpoint temple?

It's at the very back of snowpoint city and at the bottom of the temple is regigigas.

How do you get to snowpoint city Pokemon platinum?

You have to travel through mt.coronet to get too snowpoint city.

How do you get the 7 bagth in Pokemon DS?

Go to Snowpoint gym up in Snowpoint city

Do you find Dialga in snowpoint city on diamond?

==ansewer== no you do not find dialga in snowpoint city

Is there any way to get into the snowpoint temple?

after getting national dex go tosnowpoint temple

Where is the best place to raise Infernape?

The best places to raise Infernape are Route 217 (By Snowpoint City), Snowpoint Temple, and Route 216. (Near Snowpoint City)

How do you get to the 7th gym leader on Pokemon pearl?

You Have To Go To Snowpoint City You Have To Go To Snowpoint City

How do you get into snowpoint tower in Pokemon platinum?

You need 2 defeat da Snowpoint Gym leader.

Can you get Celebi in Snowpoint Temple?

No, but you can get regigigas in Snowpoint Temple with all the regis transfered from 3rd generation in your party.

Where do you get regigigas in Pokemon platinum?

you get him at snowpoint temple in snowpoint city but first you need regiice regirock registeel.

What is in the snowpoint temple?

regigigas is there.

Where is Candice in snowpoint city?

In Pokemon pearl/platinum/diamond Candice is the 7th/snowpoint city gym leader.

How do you get into the snowpoint temple in pokemon platnum?

The only way you can get into Snowpoint Temple is by having the three regis in your party. SLICK

Where is Candice the 7th snowpoint city gym leader?

Snowpoint city at the top of shinno Pokemon daimond & Pearl

How do you catsc teddiursa in Pokemon?

you have emerald in the gameboy slot on a ds then go to snowpoint city and walk in the any grass in snowpoint

How do you get to snowpoint temple in Pokemon Platinum?

Snowpoint temple is in the back of snowpoint city. In order to enter though you need to have beaten the Pokemon league and completed the sinnoh pokedex. by Electchu: how in the world do you get to complete the sinnoh pokedex with out regigigas?

Were can you find regigigas?

In Snowpoint Temple

How do you get snover?

You find it in Snowpoint City

Where do you get snowrunt?

You can get it on the way to snowpoint city

How do you get a snover?

you get snover @ snowpoint city

Where do you find regigigas?

snowpoint temple