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How do you get to the Royal Rumble in Smackdown vs Raw 2007 while in career mode?

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you dont win the title before it

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When did the first Royal Rumble take place?

While the name Royal Rumble may make a person think of something to do with royalty, the actual event has to do with wresting. The first ever Royal Rumble took place on January 24, 1988 in Hamilton, Ontario.

Is the undertaker back at royal rumble?

yes he is. he came back a while ago

Will RVD be at the royal rumble?

No not RVD but Bobby lashley and brock lesnar will appear in the royal rumble and i am sure of it. NO MORON, RVD DID RETURN WHILE LASHLEY IS WRESTLING IN MEXICO AND LESNAR IS IN UFC

Where is karma WWE?

she has a baby so she's gone for a while but she came back in royal rumble 2012 and idk where she is now.

How do you induct a superstar into the hall of fame on smackdown vs raw 2010?

Do career mode until it says you made it. That could be a while.

What was john cena first career a musican?

no. he was a professional body bulider, then he went to the college wrestling, then to smackdown and then to raw, he made the CD while in wwe.

Will Jeff hrady coming back to the WWE in 2010?

He won't might come back in a royal rumble matchor while cm punk is having an important match

How do you climb Smackdown fist?

To climb the Smackdown! fist, press triangle while near the crack farthest to the left on the wall.

Will edge return to WWE?

YES, he still has a WWE Contract, he just has to recover from a torn Achilles tendon (which takes a WHILE) hes expected to return sometime around the royal rumble of 2010 and be a 'face'/'good guy'

Did WWE edge turned face after royal rumble 2010?

Yes Because when all wwe superstars return the fans cheer,they become good for a while then he goes back to like he was but i think edge will stay face for a long wile

Who won between Kane and john cena at 2012 royal rumble?

It was a draw. They both got counted out, but continued to wrestle backstage until Kane beat Cena's back with a chair and then attacked Zack Ryder again while in a wheelchair.

How do you climb the turnbuckle on WWE raw vs smackdown 2010?

On Smackdown vs Raw 2010 (for PS2/PS3), you can climb the turnbuckle while in the ring by running into it, or pressing L1 while near it. To climb the turnbuckle outside of the ring, press X while near it.

How do you pin in smackdown shut your mouth?

hold down and press O while you are near them

When will hhh return?

The previous answer was total toss; HBK is retired, Y2J is touring and will return; and no one knows about HHH. He's re-injured himself but that was a while ago; it's fair to say he could be entry number 30 in 2011' Royal Rumble

How do you do second finisher on Smackdown vs Raw?

To do a second finisher. while you have the meter you press the pad while you press the finisher button.

How do you pin on smackdown just bring it for ps2?

To pin in WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It, press O and down (on the keypad, not analog stick) near the opponent while they're on the ground.

In WWF smackdown just bring it how do you do the pin?

To pin in WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It, press O and down (on the keypad, not analog stick) near the opponent while they're on the ground.

What is the probability of getting a royal flush while holding 2 cards to the royal flush?

15999 to 1

Is storm chasing a career?

Usually not. While storm chasing is a career for some, for most it is a hobby.

When will Triple H return?

The King Of Kings said he definitely will make an appearance at Royal Rumble 2011 so he will return at Wrestlemania 27. He Will most likely return any time from Royal Rumble through to WM27. Triple H also said, that he may not return until at least his new movie, The Gragorio is finnished. It expected to finnish, at 31 March 2011. So he may, come at Royal Rumle 2011 or Wrestlemania 27. Be Patient, The Game said he WILL come, he also stated that he fractured his ankle and wrist. While falling ofv Roof. He did that on, October 21 2011. Will return doc said in 3 weeks or 3 months.

How do you pin on smackdown here comes the pain?

While your opponent is grounded, press O and down on the keypad.

How do you do a strong grapple on WII for WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

Hold A and B while swinging.

How do you enter the ring on Smackdown vs Raw 2007?

To enter (or exit) the ring on Smackdown! vs. Raw 2007 (for PS2), press X while the left analog stick is pushed in the direction of the ropes.

What is the function of a rumble strip?

It gets your attention. Often a rumble strip will be used at an intersection where people have often missed the light or stop sign. Rumble strips are also used in the emergency lane of highways to awaken people in case they doze off while driving. They are annoying, but they perform a valuable function.

How do you close rumble fighter screen while playing?

Hit Start button or hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete

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