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How do you get to the battery on a 1998 Chrysler Concorde?

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2011-01-26 04:36:19

I have found that on my 2002 Concorde, I can turn the wheel all

the way to the right as in making a right turn. Then you have

access to the battery cover in the front wheel well cover to the

front of the tire. You will see vent slots in the cover and there

will be I think six hex head screws. Once removed you can reach the

battery. But, it is easier also to remove the air filter housing

which sits on top of the battery. You can then remove the two bolts

on the hold down clamp on top of the battery and slide the battery

rearward to reach the negative battery post clamp to remove that

cable. The wheel well access cover is difficult to get back in

unless you pull the air cleaner box assembly. You can align it much

better from the inside of the fender so the screws will go into the

fitting holes more accurately.

1998 concord battery

The battery is located in a compartment in front of the passenger

side front tire. Remove the front tire and the 6 to 8 small bolts

that hold the cover the battery is in there.

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