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To get to the heater core, first remove all electrical connectors from heather housing under the hood. Next remove the chrome trim piece at the bottom of the windshield. Remove the two aluminum brackets mounted to the firewall used to hold the chrome trim piece with the speed nuts. Then remove the top screen portion of the heater housing, followed by all the bolts/screws for the top half of the housing. Using a large flat screwdriver or prybar, separate the upper half from the lower half of the housing, and from the firewall. Note, the wiper arm and bracket may need to be moved to gain access to certain screws/bolts, and for clearance when removing the upper half of the heater housing. The heator core will now be exposed. Remove the screw securing the ground clip and bracket holding the heater core down. remove the two heater lines attached to the heater core, and pull the heater core up and out of it's place. Before installing a new heater core, clean out any coolant and/or other debris from the heater housing. Installation is same as removal in reverse order, except the upper and lower halfs of the heater housing need to be sealed upon reassembly.

Fairly easy job, just takes a bit of patience.

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Q: How do you get to the heater core on a 1985 Buick Regal?
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it's on the outside on the passenger side.near the heater core hoses.

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Under dash, passenger side, inside the vehicle, mounted on the firewall.

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