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I asked this question, now I'll try to answer it. There are two screws on the outside of the cover and there is at least one under the bumper area to unscrew. Then the cover needs to be pryed off and then you simply twist the bulb holder off and replace the bulb.

It's not really a Honda. Search under Isuzu Rodeo.

Changing a tail light on the Passport/Rodeo isn't really as difficult as I have seen some people make it out to be. I have a 2000 Passport, so I'm assuming that most other years for the Passport/Rodeo are similar. To change the bulb you have to remove the rear light fixture. You DO NOT have to remove anything on the interior of the vehicle. There are three screws to get the fixture off. The first two are on the side of the fixture in the small recesses that look like vents in the lights. They are diffuclt to see, but if you look closely, they're right there. Take them out. The third screw is located on the rear of the car, between the bumper and the fixture. It's hard to see without a flashlight. Loosen the screw until it turns very easily and gently pull back and up on the fixture. The assembly should slide right out. There is a pressure fit plastic piece that lines up the fixture. Be careful not to snap it like I did. After that, it's easy. Remove the snap fit electrical supply to the fixture and you're home free. Change the bulb and you're done. Getting that bottom third screw back in can be tricky. I found it easiest to put the screw back in and cover it with a thin piece of tape to hold it in place. Once the fixture is lined up you can secure the sides and screw the bottom in by puncturing the tape with the screwdriver. Took me an hour to figure it out the first time, took five minutes the next.

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Q: How do you get to the tail light in a 2000 Honda Passport to replace the bulb?
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the gas capacity on my 2000 Honda passport is 21 gallons.

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what do you have to take off to get it out

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Yes the 2000 passport has a timing belt as does its identical twin the Isuzu Rodeo.

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The switch is bolted on the side of the transmission. Remove the bolts and the wiring connector to remove the switch for replacement.

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Just had 2002 Honda Passport transmission rebuilt for $2,100 National transmission chain store

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21 gallon capcity

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I recommend every 5,000 miles.

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Order replace done

What type of transmission fluid for a 2000 Honda Passport?

honda passport's transmissions were made by GM , only use a dexron 3 (if you can find it) the alternative would be a dexron 6 ( works great on mine.)

2000 Honda Passport what do they use for a check engine light?

In the owners manual it says the check engine light is related to the emissions system. When my check engine light went on it was because my EGR Valve was clogged and simply needed to be cleaned. There are a lot of threads here and other places explaining how to replace and or clean an EGR Valve. It is a very simple replacement to perform.

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Hi, the trans front pump bolts have become loose. but if it has been slipping for a while then tigntening the bolts will not help you will have to replace it.

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It has a timing belt that must be replaced every 105,000 miles.

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4.5 quart with oil/filter change.

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To reach the alternator on a 2000 Honda Civic loosen the adjustment bracket. Pull the loose belt off then loosen the bolts for the alternator. Replace the alternator.

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My 2000 I took it to Autozone and they plugged it in to their hand held computer. Otherwise off the a shop you go. My check engine light was the mass air sensor. About $140.

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