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A little helpGreat question. Here's a partial answer because I haven't figured it out completely yet. Open the rear door and look for 2 pop-off caps on the suspected tail light assembly covering Philips screws. If you remove both screws, the tail light assembly becomes quite loose. The last step is the mystery. Do you pry it off? Do you have to slide the assy. up or down to remove? Dunno.....yet.

And now, the rest of the story....

The last step is to give a firm tug, directly backward. The whole assembly is held in place with three small plastic clips (round cone shaped devices pushed through holes in the rear body work with a rubber "washer" protecting the paint). You have to pry them loose from their insertion mounts to remove the assembly. A firm tug works well, but don't pull to the side or you may break the clip (or clips), and then have to replace those too. Once you've pulled the assembly off, the lights are easily accessed and replaced.

To reassemble, simply reverse the process.

[Note: there is no cover for the bottom screw on the rear door hinge side. It is exposed. There are two possible bolts on the bottom side of the door; the one for the tail light assembly is the one you can remove with a Philips head screw. It can be accessed by opening the door and fitting a screw driver through the opening behind the door.]

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Q: How do you get to the tail light in a 2004 Honda CR-V to replace the bulb?
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