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How do you get your anti theft radio's code?

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I heard that you get the vin# off your car & take it to the GM dealer and they should give you the anti theft code for free, hope it works, I'm haveing a problem of my own.

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What is the anti theft code for a 1994 Acura Legend?

what is the anti theft lock code for a 94 acura egend

What is the anti theft code for a 1993 Acura Legend?

The Anti-Theft code that is associated with the "Theft Deterrent System" is a 5-digit code located on the underside of the ashtray.

Where can you find anti theft code for Honda CR-V 2006?

What are you talking about. The code for that anti-theft vehicile alarm, or the anti-theft radio? Either way - you should be able to go to your local dealer for the information.

How do you reset the code on a 2004 Nissan Maxima anti theft?

The only way to reset the code on a 2004 Nissan Maxima's anti theft system is by taking it to the dealership.

Are 2003 and 2005 Sprinter radios interchangeable?

Yes, but you will need the theft code to match the radio.

Where can you get the anti-theft code for 2006 mazdaspeed 6?

The best way to get the anti-theft code is by contacting a Mazda dealer in your area. Seek help from auto repair shops where necessary.

How do you reset computer on a 1989 Caddillac Eldorado after anti theft comes on?

I was shopping came out to my car and anti theft code came on when I tried to start it.

What is the anti theft code on a Durango CD player?

You have to take down the serial number and call the dealer and give it to them, only they can give you the anti theft code for the radio. make sure you write the code down and keep it in a safe place.

How do you set the theft-lock code for 2004 Buick?

The anti-theft locking code, for your 2004. You will, can be set at a Buick dealership. The code can also be set by using OnStar.

Where would you find the anti theft code for a 2000 Galant?

To find the anti theft code for a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant, you must visit a dealer. You must have the radio serial number, the radio part number, and the VIN.

What is the anti theft radio code for an 1993 Volvo glt?

Each radio system has its own particular anti theft code. It is on a card, the size of a credit card, and should be in the folder with your owner's manual. If you cannot find the card, your local Volvo dealer can research the code for you.

How to decode the security code of dodge charger radio?

Taking it to your local dodge or chrysler dealership is you best bet. Radios are not meant be easily decoded, as a anti-theft device. Make sure you have all of the paper work proving you are the owner of the vehicle with you.

How do you reset your 2005 Honda accord radio code?

Power the radio, and then enter the anti-theft code using the preset numbers at the bottom of the radio. If the anti-theft code is unknown, contact Honda with the 17-digit vehicle identification number.

Universal code to unlock the radio in a Mercedes?

There are no Universal codes for coded radios, no matter which make. That would completely undermine the purpose of having code as a protection against theft.

Where is the anti theft wire in the 2007 dodge charger?

There isn't a single "anti theft" wire. The anti theft system is very complex.

How do i reset 1998 Pontiac grand am anti theft system?

To reset the anti theft system in any vehicle the owner must take the vehicle to a dealership. The owner must be able to prove the vehicle belongs to them in order to get a reset code. There is no other way to rest the anti theft system.

How do you reset the antitheft code on Toyota Camry?

how do you reset anti theft on a 1994 toyota camry

What does anti theft mean?

Theft is one of the most common and oldest criminal behaviors. Anti-theft is generally applied to something that is supposed to be designed to thwart or prevent theft. Now the anti-theft system is used for many purposes. Recently I have ordered an anti-theft backpack from markrydenbackpack.com

How do you reset the theft lock on a 2008 Cadillac STS radio?

Take it to a dealership. The theft lock feature is there to deter theft of these radios.

What is the anti-theft code for a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero?

It's on the card in the packet with the owners manual.

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