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it's really quite simple.........put your finger in the birds cage slowly, so you won't freak him out too badly, and get as close to him/her as possible. once they let you touch them, push gently right above their legs. push just enough so that they begin to lose their balance and have to put at least one foot on your finger, if not both. if he only puts one finger on, then just push a little more and move your finger up. they should step right onto your finger. at the same time, say "up". they will learn very soon that they need to get onto your finger when you say that. hope this helps you!

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I don’t know

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Why do they call your middle finger a bird?

The middle finger is called a bird because birds have a long association with taunting.

Why do Canadians use only one finger when flipping someone the bird?

The same reason Americans do. Because it's only one finger (the middle finger) used when flipping the bird.

What is the most annoying bird?

Your middle finger.

What is another name for the middle finger?

the bird

What does finger mean on Angry Birds?

it means to use your finger to sling the bird to hit the pig.

What is the bird with finger-like primaries?


What does it mean when a bird lands on your finger?

It means nothing

What does it mean if you shoot some one the bird?

Give them the finger.

How do you teach bird to fly?

put the bird on your finger and slowly lift and go down. reapeat faster. do not jump out of a window!

How do you get your budgie to sit on your finger?

Budgies are not very personable birds, and do not finger train (sit on your finger) very well. Meal feeding may help the bird become more familiar with its owner, but budgies tend to be less personable. If you would like a bird that can be finger trained, and is more personable an Amazon may be a better way to go.

What is the best way to teach a cockatiel to perch on your finger?

Get a firm stick and place it about an inch in-front of where the bird is sitting. Slowly, move the stick closer to the bird. It may take a couple of tries, but after a while the bird should hop on to the stick. After a while of completing this process, try it with your finger.

How do you make a cockatiel the bird seat on your hand?

For all birds, including cockatiels, first you must gain their complete trust. Then, if they allow you, work on gtting your finger just above their feet and say the "Step Up" command. Soon the bird will understand he needs to get on your finger. If he is being stubborn, sometimes it helps to press your finger into his lower stomach area. this has worked on my bird. another way is to hold your arm out with a treat just past it so the bird has to get on your arm to reach the treat. Always reward the bird for staying on your arm.

What the baby bird called?

a baby bird is called a nestling if it already has lots of feather and can grip onto your finger tightly than it is a fledging

What does thumbs up mean in Afghanistan?

It represents "the bird". Basically the middle finger in Afghanistan.

Did jaden smith middle finger?

Yes, if you look at his Twitter account, there is a photo of him flashing the bird.

Where can i find a concrete bird bath?

If you look on bird you will be able to find bird baths in a few clicks of a finger I would personally go for the light blue ones since they are the most attractive.

How do you handle a bird?

If it's a wild bird, you shouldn't be handling it unless you are some kind of scientist tagging it for research or something. In which case, I'm assuming you would know how to handle it. If it's a pet bird, you can train it to step onto your finger when you put your finger just underneath their breast area and it will step onto your finger. If not, you can grab it with both your hands, but do not squeeze it. Birds are delicate and you can easily break their bones or even kill it if you are not careful!

A Bat Bird Whale and one other all have this in Common?

Finger Bones The "one other" is Human

A wedding band is typically placed on what phalanx of what digit?

The left finger between the bird and pinky fingers

How do you get a bird to step up?

Place your finger against the front of the bird's legs and he will instinctively step up.

How do you tame a parakket to not bite?

When the bird tries to bite you (or succeeds in doing so) tap him gently on the top of his beak with your finger while saying "no" or "bad" or something to scold the bird.

How do you train your bird to stop bitting me and other people?

You would have to place your finger on its beak and leave the finger on the beak for 30 seconds, or you could let the bird bite you so it will think your not scared of the birds bitting so 'no more bitting fo me!' (might not work for other birds).

How do you you tame a parakeet?

In order to tame your parakeet, you have to make it trust you. The best way to do this is by always talking to your bird and being somewhat calm around them. Parakeets also love it when you sing to them. If you want your bird to sit on your finger, the WORST thing that you could possibly do would be to try to grab your parakeet or just shove your finger at him/her. Start off by putting your hand in the cage and not even try to touch the bird. Make him/her comfortable with your hand and then just take your hand out. The next day put your hand back in and move closer to the bird but still don't touch it. Once your bird is fully comfortable with your hand in the cage you can then gently touch it. If your bird freaks out just stay still until it calms. Don't take your bird out of the cage until it is fully comfortable sitting on your finger for long periods of time.

What is a fast effective way to finger train a budgie?

Start by spending a few days just putting your hand into the budgie's cage, putting it a little further in each day. Just rest your hand on the floor of the cage, so that the budgie can become accustomed to it. When you can get your hand close enough to the bird to touch it, and the bird does not react by flying off, just lay your finger against the bird's feet. When the bird finally steps on your hand instead of flying away, softle repeat a cue word, such as "up" or "step." Repeat ech step of the process until the bird is comfortable with it before moving on to the next. Eventually, you will be able to say the cue word and the bird will hop onto your finger.

Why won't my bird get on my finger He is completely hand trained and he just stopped?

because you have to make it really used to you oryou scared it if you have bro and sis

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