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How do you get your boyfriend back after being on a break and he asked to talk after 11 days of no talking He has been in complete shut down and doesnt do or talk to ne thingone during the break?



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Go to him and tell him you still like or love him and that you don't want to be on a break anymore but instead with him. Wake up girl! You've been immature and never talked out your differences with him, but gave him straight 'NOs!' I think anyone would shutdown after that! You simply didn't handle it right and communicate your reasons for wanting the break. You hurt his feelings and left him wondering what he did wrong. Even if the reasons were clear to you it's should be obvious to you by now that men and women of all ages simply don't think the same way. He's angry and he has a right to be and you've really hurt him. Whatever it was you were going through to have a break you did it your way without any consideration for his feelings and non communication. If I were you I'd just talk to him (even if he's not replying) face to face and he'll hear what you have to say. Apologize! He deserves that much! If YOU'RE lucky HE'LL take you back!