How do you get your crush to like you?

For Girls:

1. Girls are complicated, they need their space.

2. You like her, she probably feels the same way.

3. Ask her out.

4. Girls like to be appreciated by boys.

5. If you treat us like crap, we think you hate us.

6. Girls can like more than 1 guy at at a time, so ask her out whenever you can, if one of their crushes ask before you, than your screwed until they break up and that could be years.

7. If you ask them out and they say no, keep asking only one time a month!

For Boys:

1. Be clumsy in front of them and they'll help you.

2. If you flirt and they DO NOT flirt back just walk away.

3. Act smart, boys who aren't as smart as you will ask for tutoring.

4. Get active and play sports, boys love sports.

5. Be creative, make music, art, and things to impress boys.

6. When they are out of place or sad comfort them they would do the same to you.

7. The most important is to be you.

I'm sorry if these don't work, every one has a different approach. I took two surveys about what to do with crushes, one for boys and one for girls. These where the top seven answers.