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If you were cheating on him then you got what you deserved. When you go with a boyfriend there is a bond and trust issue there and, if you broke that trust issue then you broke the bond and it's probably too late to rectify what you could have done. If you didn't cheat on him and he's accusing him then confront him and instead of begging for him to take you back you should be mad as hell for him accusing you of something you didn't do!

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What does it mean when your boyfriend is constantly acusing you of cheating?

It could mean a couple things. It could mean that he is really insecure and jealous because he always thinks you are cheating on him. Also, it could mean that he is cheating on you and because of his guilty conscience thinks that you are doing the same.

Why he is jealous if he is cheating?

Because he thinks you'll cheat on him since he is cheating on you. It's a control issue.

What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you he thinks your cheating on him?

that he thinks you're cheating on him.

A boyfriend is cheating on me and he doesn t know tat you know and you don t want to breack up with him cause you really like him what do you do?

Break up with him because he isn't worth your time if he is cheating on you. He also obviously thinks what she has is better.

What if your guy didn't want to talk to you because he thinks that you cheat on him?

well... if u aren't really cheating on him then maybe u should try and tell him that ur not cheating on him... call him, text him, or go over to his house and explain to him that ur not.

I need Help my husband thinks im cheating when i am not Recently i have been really stressed out at work and also really tired how do i convince him that i am faithful?

If you are not cheating then remain faithful and continue what you are doing the truth will set you free.

Why would your boyfriend asks if your sleeping with anyone?

he probably thinks youre cheating, or he doesnt like a guy youre hanging around.

Was Selena Quintanilla lesbian?

No she was never a lesbian. Yolanda said that because she thinks that Selena was cheating on Chris.

Does it mean that when a guy looks at you he thinks im cheating?

No, it just means something is out of place, looks awkward He thinks your pretty, he really likes you or he wants to say hello but doesnt know how

Is it cheating if some guy calls in the middle of the night and knows you and cuss you out then wants to talk to your girlfriend?

No. It is much more likely this guy is an exboyfriend of hers, or is a close friend and thinks you are not good enough for her. Regardless, tell him to leave you alone and hang up. If he continues, call the police.

What if your partner thinks you are cheating but you are not?

I have found that the accuser should be the accusee. Meaning they are cheating and have a guilty conscience.

What do you do if your boyfriend thinks you are cheating?

This is a big problem in a lot of relationships that I have experienced. Your man thinks your unfaithful and that is really tough. If you really are cheating you should leave him immeaditly because if you care about him you don't want to turn him on any further. But if your aren't cheating on him then thats the big problem. You have to always be with him. Show him that you care so much about him like buying him little things that represent your relationship. And create some romance by covering the bed with rose petals and wear lingere. After you do all these steps and show him that you are with him and no one else. If these steps don't work and he is still skepitcal then you eventually have to leave because he is not worth it and you deserve better.

Your fiance thinks that it is a joke and flirting to text another female and ask her when can he hit that and to send him a sexy pic you think it is cheating?

It is not a joke at all and it is considered cheating because hypothetically he's not sending it to his fiance so it is considered cheating. THAT IS ALSO CHEATING BECAUSE HE'S SENDING IT TO ANOTHER FEMALE INSTEAD OF HIS WOMEN.

Why did Saddam huissen?

He thinks because of his religion but really he was a nutjob

Your boyfriend says he loves you but he lives far away and you caught him cheating on you why is that?

He would do that because he thinks just because you are far away you wont catch him.

If your boyfriend thinks another girl is hot is he cheating on you?

Kinda but not really. You should think of it as just another girl that looks like you. (if you know what i mean)

Does Vanessa Hudgens think Zac Efron is cheating?

Yes she thinks because last time zac was caught shopping with a girl.

Why are some married men thinks that having an affair is not messy?

Because they (the cheating man),have no soul or cannot commit to one women.

What to do if someone has cheated on you?

OK so heres what you do when i found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me i left him because #1 it showed me that i couldn't trust him #2 and that i can do way better with my life than have that 1 guy ruin my life forever but also i have found that if you forgive him he thinks that he will be of the hook and continue to do it because hes going to assume you just don't really care because he thinks that you wont dump him either way

What does it mean when guy says stop playing me?

It means he really loves you and feels you don't care for him or that he thinks your kidding. Or that he thinks your a no good cheating liar. It means he's mad. So what you do is show him you care as much as he does with a big surprise!

If you like a girl who thinks you're perverted what do you do?

Ask her to give you a chance and don't act perverted. My one exboyfriend is like that and it really creeps me out, so try not to be too weird lol But seriously, just ask her to give you a chance and try not to creep her out =)

How does hamlet feel about himself?

he feels really good because he thinks he is cool

What do you do if your boyfriend thinks you are cheating on him?

if you are tell him if your not tell him that if he cant trust you then leave

Why does Rev Sykes try to get the children to leave?

He tries to get them to leave because he thinks that they shouldnt really be there, since Atticus doesn't know they are REALLY there. He also wants them to leave because he thinks they are too small to be there, and they are just kids.

Why is Bella afraid of visiting the Cullen's house in Twilight?

Edward thinks that she is afraid because they're vampires. Really, she's afraid because she thinks that they won't like her.