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If he put his friendship with this girl before your relationship with him, it means (unfortunately) that he gave the friendship more priority than his relationship with you---regardless if you had a legitimate reason to be upset or not. If you get back with him, expect the same issues to resurface.

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Q: How do you get your ex-boyfriend back after you broke up with him because you did not like one of his female friends?
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Why do i keep dreaming of my exboyfriend since we broke up?

perhaps you're still longing for him.. dreams are sometimes a subconscious mind

Why is ex upset when she broke up and you began no contact?

Because she's a female.

How can you get your exboyfriend back he broke up with you because he cheated on you at a party but you still want him back?

It is unfortunate that you were cheated on and then he left you but it may be the best for everyone at this time if you parted ways as it seems he is not ready for a committed relationship.

Why did Taylor lautner broke up with Selena Gomez?

because they were better as friends

Why did allie and Sean broke up?

Because she got to busy with her schedule but they are still friends!

Why was zenobia important?

Because she was a female ruler with manly strength. She broke boundaries. Hope this helps! (=

How do you get an exboyfriend back?

Uhm, if he's an ex boyfriend and HE broke up with YOU then you should first off see if he even has feelings for you but if you broke up with him then i would just tell him how much of a mistake breaking up with him was and ask for him back (:

What does is mean when you dream of kissing your friend's exboyfriend?

When you are dreaming, most of the time you dream of what you thought about before you went to sleep. Dreams usually do not mean anything. But if you have feelings for her exboyfriend, you need to ask your friend if she would be okay with your liking him. I wouldn't ask her though if they only broke up recently.

How do you get your ex back when you broke up with him because you didn't like one of his female friends because you know she likes him?

The best thing to do is talk it out. It's very important to make sure he knows your sorry. Speak honestly, and there might be a chance for starting over.

If your friends gf or bf broke up with them because they were jealous because they thought your friend liked you is it your fault they broke up?

no it's their fault for letting jealousy get the best of them, in other words.... you are not the exact reason they broke up, the reason they broke up was because they were jealous and couldn't see that the person they were with really liked them. Thanks a bunchhh

What if your exboyfriend still calls you every two weeks of the month and has been doing this for four years now since broken up and still have sex with you does he still care or have feelings for you?

Depends on who broke up with who. If he broke up with you then most likely no. But if u broke up with him then yes of course.

Alright my exboyfriend haven been dating long but we just broke up and he said we are taking a break I asked him what his definition was for break and he said get to know each other what does he mean.?

he dumped you and he just feels like he dont understand you and so he wants to b just friends so he can get to no you better

Why did Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez break up?

They broke up a long time ago. They broke up because they just wanted to be friends and they were both separating for their careers.

Why does your ex act like he doesnt want to be friends?

probably because hes a jerk & is upset that you broke up with him.

Why did Taylor and Taylor brea k up?

they broke up because she wasnt as into him as he was. they decided to just stay friends.

Why does someone who i broke up with want to be friends?

Simple. They care about you. And you can tell.. because together or not, they still want you in their life.

What if your boyfriend broke up with you how do you become friends?

if your boyfriend and you broke you become friends by talking about what happen or suggest to be friends most people who do brake up end up becoming very good friends

Your exboyfriend broke up with you a really bad way and still thinks you can be friends you see each other all the time at school but you just give him the cold shoulder is that the right thing to do?

It's ok, hun. This one is up to you. If you want to be friends, then go for it. But being friends could hurt you when he dates someone else. I think keeping apart is better for you to get over him, he sounds like a loser anyway! Good Luck, XXX

Should you still be friends with someone who broke your heart?

Yes because if you don't love each other than take it back a STEP and just become friends

Why did the destiny child break up?

they broke up because they wanted to go separate dreams and hopes but they were still friends

Did Joe Jonas date AJ Michalka?

Yes, he did, but they broke up because things weren't working out for them. But they are still friends.

How do you get back together with your exboyfriend when you broke up with him?

Talk to him , tell him that you miss him & you want to work things out . Maybe you were confused when you broke up with him & now you're certain you want to be with him , just let him know & if the feelings are mutual he won't mind making things better again .

Theres a 2 month relationship and the female wants to be friends now but she says she still loves me and wants to be with me because she says we moved to fast lets take it slow now what should I do?

.... well there is nothing you can do. it's like she broke up with you. you can't say no to that

If you miss your exboyfriend should you get back together with him?

Well, that all depends on why you guys broke up in the first place.. If it wasn't anything serious like him cheating on you or something then yes if you have feelings for him, GO FOR IT (:

Is jessica jarell going out with diggy simmions?

As of today, No. They were in 2010, but Broke up because of their personal issues. They are best friends instead...