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I thought the others were just horrible feed back. The truth is most men are scared of commitment its not in their nature to commit and settle down early because they need to plant their seed and have my children for survival. Sex make men feel closer, talk makes women feel closer. Sometimes its not always your fault their afraid off commitment, just remember boys can fall in love too, and then they might feel like its not right, not the time yet, not sure who they are, and run away. Most likely they will blame it on you. In any case i feel you need to realize if he's worth it or not, and not expect him to want to settle, down, be serious, or marry you. You want him in your life? then your gunna need to accept his rules and the way he wants things, because your going to scared him away and corner him. If you let him think he has the controll then he'll gladly accept. But don't let him push you around, just that he has controll of his life and where he stands and that you want to be there for him, no dictate what he does, and that anything you say about getting together, being together, things that happened are up for improvment/debate/change. Anyways the past is the past, if you wanna be with him remember the good times, not that bad an start over completely fresh, anything that lingers shouldn't. Itlll just break you down, remember why you guys got together in the first place and how that feels, move from there, not where you left off. and if you give them space they will realize, if not, make sure you tell them its okay.

best wishes!

PS acting liek you don't care, only shows them they don't have to scare, hitting their emotions is the best way. Unless hes the one coming after!

AnswerYou don't get him back. If he's not ready then he's not ready. We often make that mistake thinking that if we wait it out because we know that he's a "good" man then he will come around. The fact is that he should have been good to you when he had you. I realize people make mistakes but you have to know that until you are secure with yourself and what you expect of a mate you will continue to settle for less. Move forward and date others. Let him go. If it is truly meant to be it will be and when it's time for it to be. Sounds like you have some growing up to do. Some of it comes from life experiences and other from what you will and will not accept. Believe me, you may be passing up the true love of your life for wanting him back so bad. If he's been with other girls how much is he really missing you? Don't believe that crap you may get from him that he's only with them because he misses you or whatever he may be feeding you. Move on and enjoy life. It's too short to wait!!! Answeryou should let him go if it is meant to be he will come back to you, if he doesn't hunt him down and kill him.You should tell all the other girls that he gave you herpasyphagonnereaaides. no seriously you should ignore him and start seeing other men, never chase a man, that's what he wants. men hate needy women do something to improve yourself, and then make him eat his heart out by acting like you don't care.
2011-09-13 04:29:05
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Q: How do you get your ex-boyfriend back when you know he has had girls since the break up but you still love him and want it to work and know deep down he still likes you but is scared of commitment?
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