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You're better off without the sort of person who just dumps you after 14 months. In any case, there's nothing you can do to force him back.

2006-07-12 22:33:57
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Is harry styles in a relationship whit Caroline flak?

He was in a relationship with Caroline a couple of months ago but they decided to be friends.

Why did Pope Benedict XVI suddenly choose to visit Britain?

He did not suddenly decide. It was announced months and months in advance.

When a women say never after an 8 year relationship an shes dating 5 months later an you have a child?

That doesnt make sence! :/

You had a serious relationship for over 2 months now and she suddenly says she wants a break and to be friends to focus on school and her job we're both 16 and virgins what do you do?

Move on. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don't dwell on a single failed relationship.

Your boyfriend got a tattoo of your name after being together 4 months. Should that be taken as a complement or creepy?

it could be a complement but with it being only four months into the relationship i think later on he may regret it if it doesnt work out.

When was his last relationship?

his last relationship was 2 months ago

My guy tells me its over and its not my fault I didnt do anything wrong and he doesnt want to get married.what can I do to save our relationship of 8 good months?

well he probably broke up with you because he wasnt ready to get married because 8 months is sort of short to get married.

Is 5 months after a break-up too soon to start back up the same relationship?

i think it depends on the relationship and if you think it will work or not but love doesnt wait forever so if you think that its is worth it and the other person does too then go for it but keep in mind that its been five months and you dont want anyone to get hurt again

Can you have chlamydia for months or years with no symptoms and then suddenly show symptoms?

Yes it is possible.

I was going out with a girl for 2 months suddenly she announces she doesnt have feelings for me anymore what can i do to change this im meeting her soon so i need to change this?

Just be yourself but try new things and be spontaneous and fun. No girl wants a boring boyfrd. if she still doesnt like you then move on cos u cant change her feelings and u will just cause urself too much pain. she doesnt deserve u!

Does the new supernatural episode come on Thursday?

Give up, there will be months and months between each and every episode. That's just how it is, suddenly.

How long was Taylor Swift's longest relationship?

Taylor's longest relationship is almost 7 months.

How do you install epsom dx6000 printer to vista?

i have a dx6000 priter now for about 10 months it suddenly dor what ever reason decided to stop working i tried to install via CD ROM and all it kept saying was not compatiable with windows vista why would that happen when it was working perfectly well for 10 months could you please advice what i am doing wrong

Where should a relationship be in 6 months?

NOT on the status of 'friends.'

What do you do if a hemorrhoid doesnt come off in 4 months?

you should get a haksaw and yea...

Is there a chance with a guy if he has come out of a relationship and has been seeing you lots in a month but is unsure saying he wants to go with the flow and he likes your company and you're nice?

you're rushing him I've had girls do this to me all the time and the relationship never worked and also i wasn't able to tell until six months into the relationship when i decided i was going to get married and we have been happily married for 10 years

Who is Gordon downies wife?

Doesnt have one......dated alanis morrisette for three months

I haven't had a period in 5 months why did I suddenly get a period?

That happens to women all the time, Not sure why though. After my first period I didn't have another one for 3 months.

Does Daniel Erlandsson have a girlfriend?

i know that Daniel has a girlfriend calling rebecca.they have relationship 3 months now! i know that Daniel has a girlfriend calling rebecca.they have relationship 3 months now!

Why is it my boyfriend has asked for a week to sort out how he feels i am in a long distance relationship only 2 months old and can you do anything to encourage him to give it a go?

id say.. give him his week.. you dont want to make him do something he may not want to do. if he decides to do a long distance relationship then congradulations he really cares about you. if he doesnt, then say goodbye.

Why after seven happy months of dating did he suddenly change his feelings?

The 'age old' story. He found another woman.

Can you give me sentence using the word ablactation?

Ablactation occurred suddenly when her son refused to breastfeed at 15 months.

Can there be a tie in the us elction?

no, because it's decided 3 months before the voting starts

What is one thing you would compromise on in a serious relationship?

it depends on how long the relationship. 1-4 months=a lot can be compromised 5-8 months-almost nothing 6+ your life only(or their's)

When do breasts grow?

dunno... i mean, my sister was flat chested until 2 months from now, she suddenly grew to 34DD