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Unless he has told you he loves you then you are simply second-guessing him. Some exes stay together as friends and it appears that this is what is going on in your case. If he loved you he'd be with you without any other ties. Sorry.

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Why does he still want to be friends when he broke up with you?

Either he still loves you yet has a strange way of expressing it. Or he still loves you yet needs some space. Or he didn't want to hurt your feelings. Or he genuinely does want to be friends because he can't stand being apart from you.

Your ex boy friend broke up with you a few months but you still love him?

Tell him of your feelings or get out with some friends and forget about it.

Why is my ex husband upset and accusing me of sleeping with everyone when he broke up with me 8 months ago and I'm not sleeping with anyone?

Because he still loves you.

Should you listen to your brothers when they say your ugly and fat and that no one likes you but you have a lot of friends and just recently broke up with your boyfriend but he still loves you?

yes. Yes.

What should i do if she broke up with me but I still love her?

this happened to me. I broke up with my boyfriend, and i still love him and his friends tell me that he still loves me. u might be wondering why we don't go out again.....he acted different when we went out. he wouldn't talk to me as much and he always acted....awkward.. maybe that's what happened with you?

Does rihanna still loves chris brown when they broke up?

they were not ever together

She broke it off this week we still talk on the phone like friends how can i know if she is still interested?

If she were still interested she would have never broke it off.

How do you get back your ex if you broke up because of something you said to him and right now he won't talk to you but you know he still loves you and you love him?

My ex and I were together for 7 wonderful months (I know it

If your boyfriend broke up with you but still around you as friends after 3 months like everyday and spends the night but still wants to be friends and not involved with any other girls what it means?

maybe it means he might still like you and is unsure what to do, or it could just mean he's really close friends./: hope this helps

What are the signs that he still loves you even though you broke up?

You will know he will still love you if he calls and shares his relationship with you.

What is the reason vanessa and zac broke?

because Vanessa still loves Drake Bell

Are Miley and Zac friends?

no they were dating but they broke up after she found out that zac had to do high school musical 2 where he had to kiss vanessa hudgens. they only dated for a couple of months. i guess they still are friends but not very close.

How do you tell your ex you still want to be friends after he broke up with you and after you seriously yelled at him for it?

first apologize for yelling at him, the ask him why he broke up with you and if you can control your self and not yell at him again, the tell him you still want to be friends

Is Justin Bieber dating Caitlin?

no they broke up in may i think but he says that he still loves her

Why do you still think of this guy when it has been 15 months since you broke up?

it is because you still love him

Is zac and vanessa still dating?

no, they broke up several months ago.

Your boyfriend of 8 months just broke up with you and said he is not happy and that he needs time to find himself what does that mean after he says he still loves you?

It means he loves you,but not the way you think love means, he's telling you that you are not the one for him....He may be bored with the relationship and wants to move on.

If you ruined your relationship and you want that guy back and you tried for months and months and your still more than just friends but not dating what does this mean?

This meansa) he doesn't want to be with you anymore.b) he wants to be with you but isn't sure if youwould.or,c) he still loves you but doesn't know if it will work out anymore.

Is there still a chance if your boyfriend broke up with you because he loves you but is not IN LOVE with you and what can you do?

Probably not. He is not that into you. You want someone who is completely in love with you, not someone you had to drag back into the relationship. Stay friends, but don't expect anything to blossom.

What do you say to your ex to get her back?

Just keep talking to her, if she loves you and still does she will get back with you.. Just have faith, I broke up with mind and we were friends And not long after we were dating again because we loved each other to much

Why does your ex have a dream about you the same day ya'll broke up?

He probably still likes you, even though you two broke up. He still loves you. You know how hard it is, but you've got to move on.

Does shaigansaskue still like sonia strum YouTube names?

no i heard they broke up but there still friends

When did Jeff Hardy and Beth breakup?

They broke up some time ago, she is happy with someone else, but they remain very close friends ---- Jeff and Beth are still together...they NEVER broke up! They broke up because of me two months ago :) xx Ha this idiot above me made me laugh. They are still together and are actually married.

What do you saY to a guy that broke up with you for no reson that still loves you and you love him?

FIRST, find out the reason that why he broke up with you. NEXT, if both of you still love each other then maybe you should get back together.

What did ed sheeran write all his songs about?

Alice. His girlfriend of four years. They broke up because he was on tour for six months and saw each other twice. He still loves her and thinks they will get married some day.

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