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become his friend and wait until their through and sort of flirt with him.

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Why do some ex boyfriends enjoy rubbing new girlfriend's in ex girlfriend face?

To make the ex-girlfriend jealous. Or the ex-boyfriend wants the ex-girlfriend back.

Can you get back together with your ex boyfriend if he has a new girlfriend?

No. Cause then he'd be cheating on his new girlfriend wouldn't he.

How do you get your ex back when he has a girlfriend?

You can't! =D It would be a mistake to try to steal your ex away from his new girlfriend. If your ex should ever break up with his new girlfriend, he will then become available for you to try to get back together, but until then, you must respect the relationship that he has.

What do i do when my ex wants me back but i now have a girlfriend?

i am a girl so i know what im talking about if all else fails introduce her to your new girlfriend and snog this new girlfriend in front of your ex

Does your ex want you back if he writes you on Facebook but has a girlfriend?

If they have a girlfriend they do not want you back.

How do you handle ex yelling at new girlfriend?

well here is the thing why would your ex be yelling at your new girlfriend ?? can you say immature you need to tell your ex that your new girlfriend has nothing to do with what happen with you too unless she did then that doesnt work but your girlfriend hopley wont yell back because it just shows the level of immaturtiry but tell your girlfriend to be the bigger person and walk away and as for your ex tell her to grow up

How do you get your ex boyfriend back when he has a new girlfriend?

Let him have a threesome with your sister (only if hot)

How do you get your ex-boyfriend back when he has a new girlfriend and wants nothing to do with you?

Simple Answer: You don't.

How do you get your ex-boyfriend back when he already has a new girlfriend?

Sorry, he has moved on - get over it.

How to Ex girlfriend back?


What should you do about your ex girlfriend?

I suggest you be more specific in asking what you should do about your ex girlfriend: do you want her back? does she want you back?, etc...

Is Your ex-girlfriend is cool with you having a new girlfriend?

She is your EX. It doesn't matter.

Why is your ex boyfriend cheating on his new ex girlfriend with you?

* * *

What does it mean when a guy tells you he likes you but goes back with his ex-girlfriend?

It means it's time to find a new man... :(

Should you get back together with your ex girlfriend?

I am a girl and i would NEVER get back with my ex.

How can you get your ex back from his new girlfriend?

Unfortunately if he has moved on it is time for you to realize it is over and you have to move on too.

How do you get back your ex boyfriend if he has a new girlfriend and I am freshly broken up with someone and he know all about it?

You do absolutely nothing about your ex boyfriend considering he has a new girlfriend. If he loved you he would break up with his girlfriend and since he has not then he wants to be with her and you need to accept that. Just because you have broken up with your boyfriend it doesn't mean you can just step back into your ex boyfriend's life.

How do you get back your ex girlfriend after she went back to her ex husband?

Just do nice stuff for her and she will come back to you.

How can you get your ex boyfriend back if he has a new girlfriend?

theres a reason you broke up. dont look back. look forward.

How do you get an ex girlfriend back when you know she likes you but has a new partner?

You do everything in your power to try and charm her and convince her she needs to be back with you.

How do you get your ex boyfriend back if he already has a new girlfriend?

You don't.. you wait for him to regret how foolish he was, and come back to you. If not, then it wasn't meant to be.

How can you get back your ex-girlfriend?

Does she have another boyfriend? If she does you can embarrass her in front of him. also you could get a new girlfriend if you don't already have one and show your ex whats shes missing. but shes single and jealousy is just rude

How do you get your ex back do you got dumped by him and you ex is trying to get back with his girlfriend he had before you?

let him go

How do I get back my ex girlfriend?

Do whatever she did to u!

Is there a chance to win your ex girlfriend back?