How do you get your ex boyfriend back?

Its not easy to win someones heart back once theyve told you "its over" but if your still having that gut feeling that you want him back and your heart isn't letting go then its time to begin. People say don't listen to any advise given to you by friends or family but i think that's the wrong thing to say! I started seeing a boy who i actually didnt fancy at first but as we got to know each other his personality was the most attractive thing i have ever seen in a boy who i grew to love.Whilst we were together we shared the best times ever and i think the reason i loved it so much was because i could be myself around him and not worry what hes going to think of me! A few months down he asked me to get with him and happy as i was i did! but then to take a turn for the worst a couple of weeks later he decided to tell me that he was unsure of what he wanted and didnt want to break my heart so he ended it there and then! That moment he told me my heart literally dropped into my guts, i felt so sick! now 2 weeks later i still havnt got over him but im managing to collect all of the advise givento me about him and come up with a honest from my heart plan! What you don't want to do is give him the satisfaction or any of your attention. If hes worth anything then he will be the one who realises that Its his loss and its time for him to win you back. Im the one whose waited all of my energy crying and trying my hardest to think of ways to get him back but as the outcome i deserve to sit back and if he decides he wants me back then let him do the running! That goes for you people out there in my situation Jusr sit back and enjoy yourself you look worse if for example your out and so is he and he sees you in the state were your about to cry, Look strong, confident and i guarentee if hes any kind of a man he'll come to you!