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How do you get your songs back in your library on Frostwire it deleted all my songs when i put them on my phone?


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2010-12-10 12:27:30
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It will do that just download them on the iPod again

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well technically its already in your library on frostwire the time it reaches 100%

Once the songs are downloaded through frostwire you can find them from My documents >> torrent data folder. Copy and paste them to your phone or memory card once your phone is connected to your PC system via USB.

When a file is currently downloading it starts out in the 'incomplete file' folder. When it's done it is put in the 'saved' folder accesible through the library tab.

Go to Your Wmp Library And click the little down sign and it will bring a number of options and click add to library then click add and select the frostwire saved folder and your done :)

Find where the song is saved and drag it into your itunes library. When you next sync your ipod it will be on there.

yes it is free to download songs from Frostwire but not on Limewire anymore it is illegal

You can burn the songs to a disc in frostwire and then import them from the CD on itunes otherwise you can put all the song on frostwire and import them to your iPod there. You shouldn't use frostwire anyway its illegal.

In Frostwire your files will turn red when they are not being shared.

yes. you can still have iTunes as your default music player and just import the songs from frostwire by following these steps. <> "File > Add File to Library" <> you then go to the folder that frostwire saves your downloads to. Be warned illegally downloading copyright material can lead to fines and jail time.

Yes, if you sync with the library of the other computer it will replace your songs with the songs of the new computer.

from frostwire or mp3searchy.com

Song prices are determined by the artist and/or record label. The majority of popular songs on the iTunes store are not available free. (Holly's Answer) lol: you can also use frostwire or limewire to download songs to your iTunes library for free

download frostwire and you can get loads of free songs

=Click on the first song in you Itunes Library==Hold Shift and scroll down to your last song==right click and press delete all songs (Or Delete)==it should be deleted if not research on how to delete your songs==xoxo_Clarence_xoxo=

You didn't install the drivers before using the juke- install the drivers and then go to tools and security and click reset phone- this will delete all memory including contacts and afterwards you will have to update your phone by calling *228. Then songs may be deleted and added simply by going to my computer. see how do i delete a song from samsung juke.

it allows you to download songs for free to your itunes account.

Download a program like Limewire or Frostwire that can be used to download music for free, then using that program search for and download whatever music you want. Then open up iTunes and Limewire/Frostwire at the same time and drag-and-drop your songs from your Limewire/Frostwire library to your iTunes library. Then plug in your iPod and sync it. WARNING: I believe it is illegal in some places, so be careful. There you go! :D

I deleted the listing from my iTunes Limewire folder. Deleted the file from the iTunes Library, and deleted the file from the Limewire download file. Restarted iTunes - all clear.

I presume your talking about an ipod? If you've deleted them from your ipod, you just need to connect it to itunes and put all your music back on. If you've somehow managed to delete them from itunes, you will need to go back to the itunes store and redownload ALL your songs (if you have trouble remembering all your songs, just go to your inbox and check your itunes receipts) if you downloaded from a p2p file sharing network (e.g limewire, frostwire) you can just go up to library>downloaded then drag all your songs from there into itunes then onto your ipod.

To add songs from your hard drive to your iTunes library click the mouse down on the song's icon and drag the song into iTunes or onto the iTunes icon in the dock.

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