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It will do that just download them on the iPod again

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โˆ™ 2010-12-10 12:27:30
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Q: How do you get your songs back in your library on Frostwire it deleted all my songs when i put them on my phone?
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How do you get songs into frostwire?

well technically its already in your library on frostwire the time it reaches 100%

How do you move frostwire songs into iTunes library?

you drag and drop the file

How do you download songs from frostwire onto your phone?

Once the songs are downloaded through frostwire you can find them from My documents >> torrent data folder. Copy and paste them to your phone or memory card once your phone is connected to your PC system via USB.

How songs downloaded from Frostwire go into the Frostwire library?

When a file is currently downloading it starts out in the 'incomplete file' folder. When it's done it is put in the 'saved' folder accesible through the library tab.

What do you do if you cant drag songs from your Frostwire Folder to your Itunes Library?

import them from the file button in itunes

How do you get frostwire songs on your iPod Touch?

Find where the song is saved and drag it into your itunes library. When you next sync your ipod it will be on there.

Can you put another iPods songs on your iPod with out deleting your library or the other iPods library?

yes it will not be deleted

How do you get songs from frostwire 4.17.2 to windows media player?

Go to Your Wmp Library And click the little down sign and it will bring a number of options and click add to library then click add and select the frostwire saved folder and your done :)

Can You download songs for free on frostwire?

yes it is free to download songs from Frostwire but not on Limewire anymore it is illegal

Why can't you download music from frostwire to itunes because it won't let you click and drag and when you go to fileadd file to library and stuff your frostwire music isn't in your saved music?

You can burn the songs to a disc in frostwire and then import them from the CD on itunes otherwise you can put all the song on frostwire and import them to your iPod there. You shouldn't use frostwire anyway its illegal.

How do you delete songs downloaded from mewseek after your phone has synced with your computer?

It gets deleted for you.

Why do songs turn red on frostwire?

In Frostwire your files will turn red when they are not being shared.

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