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How do you go back to Windows ME after installing Windows XP on an old computer?

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You will have to format you hard drive and re-install ME from scratch. Make sure you have backed up all of your data as this will be destroyed during a format

2006-08-03 02:03:23
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Q: How do you go back to Windows ME after installing Windows XP on an old computer?
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After installing Windows 7 can i delete the windows old folder?

For doing this simply, select full clean install while Installing 7. This will enable you to first format your drives, create new partitions if you wish to and have a freshly installed Windows 7. Further, if you upgrade from Vista keeping your files and docs intact, the old Windows' folder will be replaced by new one. So you cannot then delete it.

What should you do if you can't load windows for your computer?

Easy answer to try first is using your windows CD to do a repair install. Go through like you are installing new windows, and when it searches your hard drive it will show you your old windows install folder and ask if you would like to repair it. (don't press r at the first screen for recovery console, that's different)

How do you download windows for aspire one computer without losing any documents?

If you are talking about putting windows on your computer again you will need to backup your old documents (CD/DVD/External hard drive). If you have more than one partition on your computer put all the documents you want to keep onto the second one. Under "My Computer" you may see c:\ and another hard drive possibly d:\. The d:\ will not be affected when installing windows again. The c:\ will be completed wiped.

Your windows xp computer died Can you register a new computer using the old hard drive?

If the question means: My Windows XP computer died. Can I use it's license on a new computer with the old hard drive? The answer should be: It depends. It depends on your license type. If it is a common license for 1 computer only, that license is now hard-linked to your old computer hardware. The WPA (Windows Product Activation) makes a list of your computer hardware and if it notes a major change (like CPU or mainboard replacement) it will require a new license.So, if that's the case, you won't be able to activate that Windows license in your new computer. However, you can try intalling that Windows on your new PC and contact Microsoft Windows Activation by phone, and explain to them your old computer broke and that you would like to install your old Windows license in the computer you just bought, and they probably will help you out.

How do you install windows if you have linux ibstalled on your computer?

When installing, it should ask you if you want to keep the old system or not. If you choose to keep the old system, should automatically set up dual boot. If the installer does not have this option than you will have to download a dual booter. Just remember when installing the second operating system to put it on a DIFFERENT partition than the first one.

Does installing a new windows delete our old file we cannot open our computer anymore because the system has crashed what will we do?

well, sometimes it can do that, but if it's having problems, then you want to run a CCleaner, it should get rid of any bugs that you have

Why should you consider the OS type before installing it to the Computer system hardware?

Because not all version of an OS will run on all hardware. For instance you can not run MacOS on normal PC hardware (it has to be an Apple manufactured PC). Also modern versions of Windows (eg Windows 7) will not necessarily run on old hardware and Old versions of Windows may nor work on new hardware.

What are the shortcut keys for turning on the computer?

In some old windows computers the spacebar can be used to turn on the computer.

What computer platform runs windows and open office?

Any computer that has windows built in can run windows and open office. I have personally tried this before on my old computer, as it came with open office. So basically, any computer. Even a mac can be re-programmed by an expert to use the windows format, but it can't use mac tools. It would literally be a windows computer in a mac's body.

Does staples buy old laptops from customers?

They will "recycle" a working computer( windows xp - windows 7 for $100)

What does Windows Easy Transfer do to prevent problems with a Windows Vista Setup?

Nothing. This program simply collects files and settings on your old computer and puts them on your new computer. Windows Easy Transfer is a feature of Windows Vista that allows you to transfer files and settings from one Windows computer to another. Using Windows Easy Transfer, you can transfer most of your files, programs and settings to your new computer.

If your computer is loaded with windows 98 then to 2000 and then to windows xp can you retrieve the auto text of windows 98 to windows 2000 to windows xp and vice versa If not what to do?

If you formatted your hard drive between the OS installs of 98, 2000 and XP, it would be difficult to retrieve files and programs from previous installs. There are tools to retrieve deleted information, but if the deleted information was already re-written, which is likely the case when installing new operating systems (depending on the hard drive size), it would be impossible to get those old files back.

Is Star Wars The Old Republic available on the computer?

The Old Republic is for the computer, but only for Microsoft Windows and is only available through online play.

Get the old YouTube back and not the 2010 one?

get an old computer

Why won't your computer let you install anything?

If it is a work computer or you bought it used, your administrator may have disabled the installing of new programs. If it is really old, it might be too old to install newer programs.

How to get back old start menu in windows 10?

I am also looking for the answer, tried too many times but still not getting the correct way to get old menu back :(

How do you uninstall windows 7 from my computer to install windows old version?

You need an older version of windows on a bootable memory stick or disk. you need to backup all the stuff you want to keep, or you'll lose it. Then reboot your computer pressing F12 or F8, or whatever you have to press on your computer to boot from another source. Then follow the instructions provided to install the older version of windows that you want. MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP ALL THE STUFF YOU WANT TO KEEP!!

Will a video game that is windows 98 2000 work for windows 7?

It should do. I have a copy of Doom II on this computer (Windows 7) - Doom II is an OLD computer game (from around 1994 !) - written long before Windows 7 operating system was written.

Can Windows 7 go onto a computer that runs on windows 2000?

No, because Windows 2000, it's awfully old, and Win 7 needs big requirements.

What is an old computer?

An "Old Computer" would literally be any computer that has become out of date. Which is almost literally, every computer that goes out of the factory. However, most people would consider anything older than Windows XP to be rather 'old'.colossus

How do you get your computer screen back to the new one instead of old?

How to get your computer screen back to factory settings ( back to the new one) should be part of the help pages of the computer

How do you run new games on a old windows 2000 computer?

You cant unless you upgrade the components of the computer, and maybe even the OS

What utility can be used to transfer Linda's documents and user preferences from her old windows xp computer to this new windows vista computer?

File and Settings Transfer Wizard. Good Luck googlers and linda!

How can Old Time Baseball game Stormfront 1998be played on Windows XP computer?

get dosBox.

Why can't i play stratego in Windows 7?

game is too old to play on windows 7. had same problem. the only solution is to get back your windows xp.