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To enter the BIOS on a Tecra, hit the ESC key as soon as you see the Toshiba flashscreen in red. When prompted, hit the F1 key.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:37:58
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Q: How do you go into Toshiba Tecra 8000 laptop setup menu with Windows ME?
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How do you unlock a Toshiba laptop password?

The best way to unlock or reset your password would be to use the Windows Setup DVD that should have come with your laptop. If you didn't buy the computer brand new, you need to contact the person you bought it from to get the password so that you can login and change it to something you will remember. If you did buy it brand new, but don't have the Setup DVD, contact Toshiba. They can verify that it's your registered laptop and help you with resetting your password.

Where is the refresh button on the toshiba laptop?

Depending on what program you are using and what setup your Toshiba has. Default is F5 or FN+F5.

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How can you prevent someone from reinstalling windows on your laptop?

Find a computer where you can add a password in the bios. Doing so, you can setup your bios to boot from hard drive first before booting from the DVD drive. No windows install DVD will be able to re install windows since the hard drive will boot first.Then, in windows, setup you account as admin and add a password for it if there is no password. Setup a guest account for other windows users. That's it.

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I think its the 69ers groups that's will be setup when the @nal beads are inserted into the backdoor.

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Added By DaviePCRepair: Windows 2000 setup program is a 16-bit Program, Windows XP setup program is a 32-Bit program.

While upgrading from vista home premium to vista ultimate the windows boot manager asked you to choose an operating system to start Windows Setup or Microsoft Windows Vista Which should you choose?

You should probably choose Windows Setup because that is the program used to install windows. If you were not to upgrade anything you would probably notice that Windows Setup is not there. (but its also a matter of opinion)

How do you install Windows 98 software in Windows XP?

By running the setup program.

Where you download windows 7 ultimate for free?

Hello. I have windows 7 32bit setup files ect on my laptop. i am not sure where i downloaded it from but what i did was download it and then put the files onto my flashdrive then put the flashdrive into my older laptop that was running xp and i put in that usb flashdrive and it worked perfect-ally well. Now i would be more then happy to send you the files :) so you can install windows 7 free :) are you interested?

You extensively use your laptop with windows 7 ultimate if you buy a tablet can you exchange files between laptop and tablet as effectively with ease?

Yes, you can set up what is known as an ad-hoc network. Using the windows 7 laptop. type 'adhoc' into the start menu and press enter and follow the on screen instructions to set up the ad hoc network. once it's setup connect your tablet to the network.

How do you setup built in webcam on dell latitude E6420 laptop?

Its on by default

Can you setup a router on a laptop or only on computer?

There is no difference between a laptop or a desktop when setting up a router. You should use an Ethernet cable when setting up your router, and use the wireless only after it's setup.

How can you connect your windows vista laptop to the Internet using your home windows XP PC connection?

You should be able to accomplish this task by buying a router. Install it in your main PC. Connect it to the inputs of your laptop and run Windows network setup. Like this you will be able to log onto the internet thru one account. You now have your own network. I am pretty sure this is all you have to do but don't take it as the gospel truth.

How do you setup remote desktop in windows 7?

download it

Is it possible to repair windows operating system?

Yes, it is possible. When you run the setup program, setup will ask you whether to install a fresh copy or to repair the existing copy of Windows.

How do you set up your network on a network hub?

You can run windows network setup after following the hup setup directions.

How do you set up wireless on your Toshiba laptop after a complete reinstall?

my laptop specs are toshiba satellite pro A200 PSAE1E its 1.6ghz processor, 1gb ram 120gb HDD, i think every thing inside it came as standard so i would also assume the driver for the wireless was standard too, i am just wandering whether i need to download certain software or something because i can get the internet on it via ethernet but cant seem to setup my wireless, any help would be appreciated!

How do you remove the bios password on an acer extensa 5210 laptop?

acer laptop extensa 5210 bios setup password remove

How do you setup windows me from windows xp?

You cannot install Windows ME over Windows XP from within XP. If you must (for whatever reason) install Windows ME, you will need to boot from the CD.

Is it possible to upgrade a Toshiba Satellite T2130CS to Windows 98 SE even though it only has a floppy drive and no CD drive?

Yes. There are a couple ways you could do this. 1. You could purchase an external CD-ROM drive that connects to the parallel port. Using a special DOS boot floppy and driver, you could then launch the Windows 98 setup CD. 2. You could remove the laptop's hard drive, plug it into another computer, install Windows 98, and then place it back. It will likely be missing some drivers, but you can supply these on floppies.

Upgrade from windows XP to Windows Vista by a download?

Simply download the files then run the Upgrade Setup.

How can you update your windows missing file without windows setup again?

dont use this sit you doushbags

Is the Windows 7 setup disc a CD or DVD?


Why you DC in Conquer Online Every 30 Mins?

setup anew windows and reinstall the game and setup a good antivirus