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How do you go into Toshiba Tecra 8000 laptop setup menu with Windows ME?


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To enter the BIOS on a Tecra, hit the ESC key as soon as you see the Toshiba flashscreen in red. When prompted, hit the F1 key.


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Depending on what program you are using and what setup your Toshiba has. Default is F5 or FN+F5.

The best way to unlock or reset your password would be to use the Windows Setup DVD that should have come with your laptop. If you didn't buy the computer brand new, you need to contact the person you bought it from to get the password so that you can login and change it to something you will remember. If you did buy it brand new, but don't have the Setup DVD, contact Toshiba. They can verify that it's your registered laptop and help you with resetting your password.

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best way is that you setup a network and share a folder to transmit files from your old computer to your laptop.

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