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Press F5 and you can go from 1st person to 3rd person.

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How do you change your view on Minecraft?

Press f5 to go to 3'd person, press it again to look at yourself, and press it again to go back to 1'st person. (as of minecraft 1.1 ^.^)

How do you change your person in minecraft?

1. Go to newgrounds.com and look for Skincraft. 2. Use any photo editing software you have (MS Paint, Photoshop) 3. Go to minecraftskins.com

Where can you fix your Toshiba in Lebanon?

at toshiba they are toshiba repair centre in lebanon one of the best they give usualy 3 years warranty 01693444

How do you update minecraft on a tablet?

If it's on a kindle tablet here's what you do you go to the store then type "minecraft" in the search bar then you go to minecraft and if you see the 3 line thing you click on it and it show things so just tap update and you click minecraft again then you click update

How do you move a folder to Minecraft?

to add a folder to minecraft in windows go to start 1. tipe in %appdata$ ( for go to run then tipe it in) 2. opin the folder called .minecraft 3. do as you wish check the link for details on how to add mods.

What is server address for funland 3 minecraft?

Funland 3 is a map in minecraft, not a server.

What are the steps of downloading a minecraft 1.2.3 texture pack on window xp?

1.Go to the site 2.Click on the download button 3.Put the downloaded minecraft texture pack in to the textures folder in .minecraft

How do you get lava in minecraft 1.8?

1: go mining 2:find lava 3:profit

Can you play Minecraft on a PlayStation 3?

Yes, you can get Minecraft on Sony PlayStation 3. I have a ps3 so i kind of know the games.

What laptops can play sims 3?

I have a toshiba laptop and it works fine

When was your Toshiba laptop manufactured?

3 Years Ago hope this helps :)

How many leaves textures are there in Minecraft?

There are 3 textures of leaves in Minecraft.

Can you get Minecraft for play station 3?

No, but you can get Minecraft on an Apple or Android device.

Would your 2005 toshiba laptop run minecraft smoothly since it has 798 ghz processing speed and 2.48 gb of ram on Windows XP SP 3?

Most computers from the past 10 years run Minecraft smoothly. If it isn't running smoothly just change the graphics from fancy to fast and change your render distance.

How do you reset Minecraft?

You can do 3 different things for this task, if you wish to COMPLETELY reset your minecraft, simply go into the command bar & type %appdata% (enter) and right click on a file labeled .minecraft and hit delete. The next time you start minecraft the application will download a new copy of the data after you sign in. If you want to clear your worlds then just delete them all from inside the menu. If you want to reset ALL the minecraft everything then delete .minecraft & the shortcut then you have to go to the site to get another copy but you will have NO DATA that minecraft ever existed except if you have keyloggers installed on your computer. (lolz)

What do you do when you want to pay the full version of minecraft?

1. go to the Minecraft website 2. click the buy now button at the right side of the video 3. fill in the payment thing

Where else can you get Minecraft besides the website?

1. Go to 4shared.com 2. Type in "Minecraft" 3. Click on the link that says "Minecraft+Force-Update.zip" 4. Click on "Download Now" 5. Wait 20 seconds then click on "Download File Now" 6. Play Minecraft Enjoy!

How do you get minecraft funland 3 so you can play it on pc?

you cant funland 3 is a way higher version of minecraft

What are some modes on Minecraft?

The 3 existing modes on minecraft are adventure, survival and creative.

Can you get minecraft on an iPhone 3?

I think it's too old to download minecraft. So, no.

How do you play 2 players in Minecraft?

Depending on what console you are playing Minecraft on the steps are different. For Xbox360: Step 1- Start the game from the Xbox home screen. Step 2- Start an Xbox live or split screen game. Step 3- Press start on the 2nd player controller to enter another person into the game. For Computers or Laptops: Step 1- Go to the Minecraft Page after the launcher. Step 2- Click on the Multiplayer tab. Step 3- Join a server.

Is the sims 3 pets better than minecraft?

Well it depends, Minecraft can be a very fun and addictive game, if you don't have it then you should go buy it so can. Sims 3 pets is not a bad game but over 6 million people and approximately 12 million people registered to buy the game. But In my opinion Minecraft is better :)

How do you get Minecraft 3.1?

Not possible, for now. Its only Minecraft 1.3.1 now, I bet Minecraft 3 will be released around 20 years later.

How do you fix when minecraft automaticly freezes when you open the launcher?

First of all there are many ways to fix Minecraft and many reasons why Minecraft freezes now here is one thing you can do 1.Go to the search bar and type %appdata% 2.Go to roaming and go to .minecraft folder 3.Copy your saves file and place it somewhere safe 4.Delete The .minecraft folder 5.Open launcher and let it force update and play NOTE: *If you have mods installed you will have to install it again after updating *If this doesn't work try re-installing you Java or Restart your computer *If it still doesn't work after you have done the 3 things you might want to go to a forum where there are MC experts.

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