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Q: How do you greet King Henry VIII?
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Related questions

Was King Henry VIII a fair king?

It is not known if King Henry VIII was seen as a fair king. King Henry VIII ruled from 1509 to 1547.

Did King Henry VIII have King Henry the 7 as a brother?

No, King Henry VII was King Henry VIII's father.

Did King Henry VIII have a brother?

Henry viii did have a brother and it was Arthur King.

Was bad King John before Henry the VIII?

bad king john was before king Henry VIII

Who did King Henry VIII choose to succeed him?

King Edwardthe 1st succeeded King Henry VIII.

A sentence for King Henry VIII?

Here is a sentence for King Henry VIII. King Henry was the son of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII of England.

How old was he Henry VIII when he died as a king?

King Henry the VIII was 55 years old when he died.

What was King Henry VIII's real name?

His name was Henry Tudor before he was crowned King Henry VIII

Of which country was Henry VIII king?

Henry VIII was King of England and Lord (later king) of IrelandHenry was King of England and later Ireland

Who became king before Henry VIII?

Henry VII was the king before Henry the VIII. There was an older child that died before Henry VIII was put on the throne.

How old is King Henry the viii?

King Henry VIII is dead but when he died he was the age of 55.

Isn't Henry VIII the first Tudor king?

no he wasnt Henry vii was the first Tudor king not Henry viii

Was Henry VIII the first Tudor king?

No, his father, Henry vii was the first Tudor King. Henry viii was 2nd.

How did king Henry VIII get power?

King Henry VIII succeeded to the English throne in 1509 upon the death of his father, King Henry VII.

Who was king Henry VIII's son?

King Edward VI was King Henry VIII only legitmate living son.

What is the name of king Henry VIII's 18th wife?

King Henry VIII only has six wifes!

Who was King Henry the VIII 3rd wife?

King Henry VIII's third wife was Jane Seymour.

What did king Henry VIII of England do in 1900 regarding Ireland?

King Henry VIII died in 1547.

What is Henry VIII's full name?

King Henry VIII's full name was Henry Tudor. He was the son of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.

What are the other names of Henry VIII?

Henry VIII was generally known as Henry VIII. He was also known as King Hal.

How would you start a speech about King Henry VIII?

King Henry VIII was a tudor king and is very famous for his decisions. Today I will ___________________________________.

Why was King Henry VIII at odds with the pope?

King Henry VIII was at odds with the pope because he wanted to get a divorce. This caused King Henry VIII to form the Church of England. This church was just like the Catholic Church, except the king of England was at its head, not the pope, and King Henry VIII could get divorced. A lot.

What is King Henry VIII of England's birthday?

King Henry VIII of England was born on June 28, 1491.

When was King Henry VIII of England born?

King Henry VIII of England was born on June 28, 1491.

When was King Henry VIII School Abergavenny created?

King Henry VIII School Abergavenny was created in 1542.