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From a seed in the ground...

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Do cabbages grow on stems?


What country do cabbages grow?


What does not belong carrots radishes potatoes cabbages?

Cabbages grow above ground. Carrots, potatoes and radishes grow IN the ground.

What one doesn't belong carrots radishes potatoes cabbages?

Cabbages because they do not grow underground.

Where do cabbages grow?

inside gorillas belly's :)

Can you grow cabbages in a 5liter pot?


Where do cabbages in Africa grow?

Down by the river

Where do cabbages grow in Africa?

south africa your welcome

When does cabbage grow?

Cabbages usually grow in Spring but they can also survive in Autumn for a while.

Does cabbage grow above ground or under ground?

Cabbages grow above ground

How fast do cabbages grow?

30 days with water and sun

What are brussel sprouts made of?

They are small cabbages that grow on a central stalk.

What countries do cabbages grow?

britain and europe also maybe america

Are brussels sprouts baby cabbages?

Yes brussels sprouts are baby cabbages. Ive been researching this for several years. I am a scientist named Warblanew No, brussel sprouts are their own plant. They are related to cabbages, but they don't continue to get larger as they grow. They grow on a tall stalk and stay small even when they are mature.

Do cabbages grow on trees?

No cabbage is tube root vegetable.It grows on the ground

Which country does cabbages grow in?

europe asia UK france south africa usa

How many cabbages grow on average per hectare?

A hectare is 100m*100m = 10 000 square meters To grow cabbages you need a minimum spacing of 25 cm meaning that you should be able to grow a minimum of 16 cabbages per each square meter. So: 10 000 square meters * 16 =160 000 However we need to account of space lost due to irrigation systems and walking space between each bad. For simplicity we will assume we will loss 60 000 of the cabbages per per every hectare. Total cabbages 160 000 less allowance (60 000) Guaranteed cabbages 100 000 per every hectare by

What vegetables grow in Illinois?

I have noticed that Sweet Banana Peppers grow well here. Cabbages, kohlrabis, broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc. grow nicely

What type of crops grow in New York?

grapes, onions, sweet corn, cabbages, and apples

Where do brussell sprouts come from?

cabbage The originated in Brussels and are small cabbages that grow on a central stalk.

How long does it take for Cabbages to grow in Harvest Moon DS?

It takes 15 Days, It does not Regrow Either.

Which part of cabage plant is used in cooking?

The leaves and the central stem from which the leaves grow are used when cooking cabbages.

Do cavies eat cabbages?

Cabbages are harmful for Guinea Pigs.

What part of the brussels sprout do you eat?

The little cabbages that grow on the tall stalk.

Can cabbages be used in a sentence?

They bought lots of cabbages each week for the restaurant.

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