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How do you grow herbs?

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What herbs grow in the sand?

Any plant will grow in the sand if it is watered (mechanically, if need be) according to the plants needs. If you mean "what herbs grow in the sand naturally?" .... I have seen Datura aka jimsonweed grow in the sand... of course there are lots of herbs on this list. Also, did you mean medicinal herbs?

Where do you get herbs on Harvest Moon DS?

Herbs grow randomly in the fields around town.

Why do castle gardens grow herbs?

to eat them

What kind of tree do bananas grow on?

Bananas do not grow on trees. The plant bananas grow on are herbs.

Which herbs or plants grow in the river?

Plants such as tamarisk shrub grow in rivers.

Can coffee grounds help herbs grow?

Yes, coffee grounds can help herbs grow. They deliver nitrogen, which is a macro-nutrient necessary for healthy soil and soil food web members (such as herbs and other plants).

What herbs or spices that bacteria can't grow on?


What herbs make male breast grow?


What plants grow on mountains?

The few plants that grow are herbs , shrubs andm aples.

What is the difference between annual herbs and perennial herbs?

Annual herbs require to be sown every year as they grow and die in one year. Perrennial herbs sprout evry year from a permenant base.

How do you make dreads grow faster?

when dreads are mature they grownutrition and herbs can help slightly

Are sweet potatoes classified as herb?

no because they grow under ground. herbs do not grow underground

Can i grow fresh herbs indoors?

Yes, with proper care.

What did Shakespeares family grow in there garden?

vegetables,herbs and flowers

How long do marrentill herbs take to grow in runescape?

every herb takes 70 mins to grow

How do I start a herb garden in my backyard?

The decision to grow only herbs or only vegatables depends on the size of your garden plot. Herbs, for personal consumption, don't require much space and are a good choice for someone with a small yard. Otherwise, grow both vegitables and herbs!

What food did native americans grow?

corn, wild berries ,and herbs

Are bananas fruits or herbs?

Bananas are fruit but they grow on a herbaceous plant.

What plants live in the savannna?

Many grasses and herbs grow in savanna.

How do your dreads grow faster?

when they are mature they will begin to grow.good nutrition and some herbs can help, but only slightly.

What seeds make a banana tree?

Bananas don't technically grow on trees. They grow on herbs that are connected to the tree.

What herbs grow with ferns?

Ferns and herbs do not grow in the same situations. Ferns grow in full to lightly shaded areas with moist rich organic soil while most herbs are Mediterranean based and prefer sunny areas with quick draining sandy soil. Planting these herbs in the same areas as ferns will have them rotting and dying within a year or two. Not saying it's impossible. It would just be periods of trial and error to make it happen.

What is herbs in Harvest Moon happiness island ds?

Herbs are the Colored Plants that grow randomly around town. They come in many different colors.

What do astronauts use on sandwiches?

The astronuts grow their own garden herbs in space

How do you grow herbs indoors?

In special plant boxes or pots in a sunny window.