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Tomatoes should be bought in the spring pre-grown at any plant nursery. Transfer them to soil and place a wire cage around them. This is to help support the plant more than to keep critters out. If you want a better quality tomato, trim the stems near the bottom of the plant. This will allow air to circulate up into the leaves. pick a few choice tomatoes... at most one per stem and cull all the others. trim the leaves back so that the tomato receives sunlight but not too much direct sunlight or it will scorch. if you just want a bunch of tomatoes, let the plant do its own thing. Fruit is ripe when the tomato is a deep red and has a firm but yielding consistancy. alternatively, tomatoes can be harvested slightly premature and allowed to ripen on a windowsill. Also,you can grow them from seeds.There are many heirloom and heritage seeds that you can get from various groups now that can taste much better than shop and commercial varieties.Plus you can save seed year after year!Sow seed in trays in spring & keep in a warm spot (we sit them on our compost heap) keeping them moist, & they should germinate within a couple of weeks -depending where you live.Plant out when about 10cm ( 4 inches ) high.To save seed,choose a slightly over-ripe fruit from a healthy plant & either spread them out on paper towels to dry , or ferment them in the Tomato Juice for a few days in a jar,then rinse and dry to destoy diseases that seem to plague tomatoes.

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Q: How do you grow tomatoes?
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