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If guest laundry is damaged by hotel staff, the hotel should reimburse the guest for the cost of the garment. The hotel could also discount the guests room or offer coupons.

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If i have received damaged item upon pick up i will ask for help of the hotel manager that he or she could contact the guest of that items that has a damage and ask his permission

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How do you handle a guest laundry if it has a damage?

Carefully - you don't want to cause further damage.

Laundry linen and guest clothes?

Laundry linen in commercial businesses such as hotels and hospitals can be the most costly of all things. When a guest at some hotels the hotel offers laundry services to it's guest.

How do you pack and present guest laundry?

put into the canvass or laundry bag

What is the Relationship between houeskeeping and laundry department?

the relation between these two department are very important. the laundry department are the ones who washes the guest clothing. the housekeeping department are the ones who communicates with the guest more and so they then inform the laundry department on request made by the guest.

How many holes in the laundry sink are needed for a two handle laundry faucet?

Usually two.

How do housekeeping desk contribute to revenue of the hotel?

by providing laundry service to the guest

How do you handle guest?

just be nice and friendly

How do you handle VIPs guest in debut?

you can say you have an id

A guest asks for something you are out of The guest gets very upset and starts to walk out of the restaurant How do you handle the situation?


How do you handle the customer complaints?

first i listen to the guest complained and apologize and give instant compensation to satisfy the guest.

How do you handle if a guest complains for delayed service?

you dont get a good tip!

What is important of a laundry department in hotel?

laundry department is important in hotel to clean all the linen materials.blanket,pillows all the materials that use in bed..important bcos to make feel our guest better...

How do you reduce the damage of a tsunami?

You don't, let the government handle it.

Laundry was or laundry were?

Laundry was

How would you handle a guest that does not have sufficient funds to pay for a meal?

You Make Him Wash Dishes

Do you use hot water or cold water for laundry?

Most laundry detergents work just as well with cold water. By using cold water you will save money and reduce environmental damage. It depends.If you are putting laundry in the washer then use hot water.If you are washing laundry that stains its colour or just washing by hand then use cold water.

How do you handle an angry guest face-to-face?

be polite, be calm. get the manager, they deal with it better.

What is the name of the psych episode that WWE superstarJohn Cena guest starred in?

"You Can't Handle This Episode".

How would you handle a guest complain on the delay of room cleaning?

Explain what caused the delay and apologise.

How do you spell laundry?

That is the correct spelling of laundry (washing, or a laundry business).

How do you handle a situation when there is insect in guest food?

First i will apologize to the guest and offer them for another food i will give them extra mile by giving them for mix fruit or a discount for there food.

How did you handle the cleaning of the room where the guest remained inside the room?

Cleaning a room with the guest present can be uncomfortable for both the guest and the worker. At times conversation can lighten the tension. As always a spectacular job with respect for the client is demanded.

Is the profile harmony capable of handling large loads of laundry?

Yes, it can actually handle a family-sized load without any problem.

Which washer is best for large loads?

Any industrial loader by Maytag is good. It can handle a family of four's laundry and be very energy efficient.

What is the collective noun for laundry?

There is no standard collective noun for laundry, in which case a noun that suits the situation can be use; for example, a load of laundry, a pile of laundry, a sack of laundry, etc.