How do you hang pictures on adobe walls without ruining the wall?

How can you ruin an adobe wall by drilling a small hole in it an inch or so and putting in a brad or finish nail to hang a picture? The wall can be easily patched if you need to take out the nail. It's adobe, which is about as close to dried mud as you can get. There is no way to "drive" anything into an adobe wall without chipping or spalling material off the wall. And that makes a mess and damages a larger area of the wall than will be affected by drilling a hole. Leave your hammer in the tool box and get a drill for this job. It will be worth it in the long run. ==
The easier thing to do is to get a cement nail and put it into the cement. It is less likely to chip or become a larger hole like it would with the adobe brick. Also, repairing the hole will be quicker and less noticeable if you should later change your mind.