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If suppose E coli cells are damaged by say heat shock while performing transformation experiments then they are kept in cold condition for a while and then incubated at 37 degree celsius for few minutes to let them recover from the damage

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Q: How do you heal E. coli?
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How do you spell E. coli?

Escherichia coli or abbreviated to E. coli.

What does E coli stand for?

E. coli stands for Escherichia coli.

Is e-coli a parasite or not?

Not. E Coli is a bacterium.

Is E. coli or salmonella worse?

e coli

Is E coli a cell?

No. E-Coli is a bacterium.

What causes outbreaks of E Coli?

E. coli.

What food causes e coli?

ANS #2: Any food that becomes contaminated with feces can contain e. coli. The bacterium lives in the intestines and is spread by non-hygienic food handling. In cuts of meat that are infected, the bacterium is on the surface and is killed by heat. A steak that is not cooked all the way through is unlikely to be contaminated. Hamburger, on the other hand, has the e. coli potentially mixed throughout. Vegetables can be contaminated by being sprayed with contaminated irrigation water. =========== All animal meat with the exception of sea food, has E Coli, such as pork, lamb, chicken, beef, etc. When you cook steak you are to cook it all the way through to kill of the E Coli. Plus cooking the meat through kills off the worms that live in the meat, yeah there are worms in there, if you eat the meat raw that's how you get E Coli or tape worms. Animals like wolves, lions and the like don't get E Coli from eatting raw meat because they have special enzyms or bacteria in their siliva that break down the E Coli and stop it from affecting them. A side from the E Coli, chimpanses don't get aids they have an anti-body (also a bacteria) that breaks down the disease so it doesn't affect them. The idel thing would be for us humans to take this anti-body and use it in humans to cure aids but the thing is that the chimpanses have other diseases that would cause us harm so we can't take the animals blood and mix it with ours. But it's an interesting consept to think about. something.

How big is a E coli?

E .coli like a camel .

Is there a cure for E. coli?

yes there is a cure for E. Coli

What is the shape of e. coli?

E. coli is bacillus shaped

How many cells in E. coli?

E-coli is a cell.

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