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How do you hear a sound?

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Sound vibrations hit the eardrum and consequently produce vibrations in the ear-drum, thence the ossicles (tiny bone levers) in the middle-ear that transmit the vibrations onwards to the cochlea.

The cochlea is the transducer, containing fluid that oscillates in the organ in reponse to the imposed vibrations. In turn the fluid's movement excites thousands of minute hair-cells linked to the auditory-nerve bundle that sends the resulting electrical impulses to the brain for processing.

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Can a chicken hear sound?

they can hear sound in ears

What is sound perspective?

Sound perspective is the way you hear a sound. (Where you hear it coming from)

How can you say that the sound you hear is music?

To say the sound that you hear is music, you just simply say that sound that you hear is music.

How does an earthworms hear a sound?

They hear sound by vibrations throughout the dirt

Does hear have a long a or short a sound?

"Hear" doesn't have an "a" sound at all; it has a long "e" sound.

How you can hear sound?

the vibrations of a sound transmit into the ear then the eardrum turns it into sound THEN it processes it to the brain then you hear it all this happens in about three milliseconds you can hear sound the music and drams

Name of birds that can hear ultrasonic sound?

bats can hear ultrasonic sound

When a sound wave is reflected what do you hear?

When a sound wave is reflected, you hear an echo.

How can you hear?

you can hear by sound wave and ears

Which animals can hear ultrasonic sound waves?

whale can hear ultrasonic sound waves.

Sound can hear?

Sound is longitudinal waves that you can hear.

What can you hear in Costa Rica?

you can hear the sound of birds and the sound of waves washing up to the surface (: .

Which animal can hear ultrasonic sound?

they're may be more but bats can hear unltrasonic sound

What is a vowel sound you hear in dried for spelling?

words that have the vowel sound you hear in dried

What do you call a sound that you cannot hear?

Sound too low in frequency to hear (~<20Hz) is called infrasound. Sound too high infrequency to hear (~>20kHz) is called ultrasound.

When playing Counter Strike Source. There is no sound cant hear the sound. what do haft to do to hear sound can hear sound in other things but not in CSS?

Check whether your speakers are connected to your default soundcard.

Why do airplanes make a loud buzzing sound at take off?

the sound you hear is a stall speed warning if that is the sound I think you hear

Can you hear sound in outer space?

we can't hear sound in outer space because space is a vacuum and it does not support sound radiation

If a tree falls and nobody is around to hear it does it still make a sound?

No because sound is something you hear and if nobody hears it, there is no sound.

Why do animals move their ears when they hear a sound?

To direct their ears towards the sound so they can hear it better.

The sound you hear when you listen to your heart with a stethescrope is actually what?

The sound you hear when you listen to your heart with a stethescrope is actually what?

Can i hear sound if i unistall realtek hd because i cant hear sound with it?

Generally speaking , if u can't hear sound , u may install the wrong audio drive , or there are faults with ur sound card or motherboard . In this regards , u can't hear sound with uninstalling ur realtek drive .

Why is sound important?

if there is no sound, we can't hear something

How does someone hear a sound?

sound waves and vibrations

What does the waveform of a sound wave determine?

The sound that you hear.