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How do you help children who hit other children?

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some very serious discipline is very important. in the long run your child could get seriously injured by another child. First theres time out. if that doesnt work start poppin hands. if that doesnt work they will have to learn the hard way. Hopefully the child that strikes back doesnt hurt them.

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Can step parents hit children?

No, step parents cannot hit children. Parents cannot hit children. Step-parents can discipline children, but they cannot hit children.

Do you have strategies for children who hit other children?

How about every time your child hits another child they get something taken away. And when they don't hit anyone for 2 weeks they get it back.

Were there any children on the plane that hit the tower?

There were three young children on United Airlines Flight 175, which hit the south tower. There were not any on Flight 11 that hit the north tower. But there were also five other children on American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon.

How can video games help motivate children?

it can help children many ways dipending if its a education game. it can help a child by surviving it han help a child also by math or any other eduacation wise .

Did Marie Antoinette help literate children in France?

No, she had no concern for children in France other than her own, when she finally had them.

Where does Windows XP help?

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How do Italian parents teach children to behave?

Italians are no different from most other parents, but there are SOME Italian parents hit their children even after they reach adulthood.

How did Dr barnado help the children?

he help the children by making orphan home for children that are poor.

DO parents have the right so hit a 15 year old?

They can not hit children with a closed fist. They may not hit children above the waistline.

Can homeschooling help children with special needs?

Yes absolutely ! Homeschooling helps the special needs children the same as it helps other students.

Where does the money go from children in need?

i know that children in other country's are still staving and they need food so where is the money that children in need made and people in this country need help so again so where as all that money gone and you have done nothing to help people who need help

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She helped children from St. Jude, I think.

What happens if we don't stop floods?

We cannot stop them, however we can help each other when they hit.

Is it illegle to hit your children in Australia?

Yes the adults should not hit or damage their children in Australia because it's illegal to hit or damage their children. Judicious smacking with an open hand, however, is not illegal.

How did lord shaftesbury help the Victorian children?

how did dr barnardo do to help children

What did Diana ross do to help other people?

She is an inspiration to other people. She also is a rodemodel to many little children as well as adults.

How are goats adapted to help protect themselves from the attacks of other goats?

There horns help to stab (When short) or Hit them (When there horns start to curve).

Do children focus while music is playing?

Children tend to only focus when classical music is played, any other type of genre does not help.

Why put a hit on someone?

they might have robbed you or done something like attack you so you put a hit on them so other people will help you get them back

How can parenting support groups help other parents raise their kids?

Parenting support groups can help you share experiences and hear other parents tips and tricks to raising children.

What should you tell children about kindness?

tou should tell children that when they are kind it will not only let others be kind to them but it will also help them to learn how to treat other children with love and respect.

What are unicef 's main objectives?

-----> To help affected children of the world by conducting various programmes. ----->To help UNO and other organizations involved in fulfilling the needs of children,government,NGOs and communities. --------> TO help in the protection and promotion of child rights.

Why do pediatrician's help children?

Pediatricians help children because they are children's physician. They help with medical care for children who are acutely or chronically ill and they provide preventive health maintenance for healthy children.

How many children died on 9-11 in the planes and buildings?

Eight children were killed on 9/11. Five were on American Airlines Flight 77 which hit the Pentagon, and three were on United Airlines Flight 175 which hit the south tower. No children died in the buildings or on the other two flights.

What Toys and games interest children?

Most kids like video games... Other than that, legos is a big hit.