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How do you hook up a 3 point implement?

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2007-11-29 08:27:13

Both tractor and implement have a 3 point structure forming a

top pointed triangle. like the example below... * * * Back and

align the tractor to the implement, first lower the hydraulic arm

or the (pto) to the point where it can connect with the top most

point on the implement, then slide the two lower or outer portions

of the implement onto the bars that protrude from the outer most

points of the triangular configuration on the back of your tractor.

Make sure to use cotter pins to insure that the implement stays in

place. You may have to adjust the pto height to align all points.

Backing up evenly in line with the implement makes it a whole lot

easier to attach the implement. Backing up unevenly or crooked will

prevent the attachment of one of the arms if not both.

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