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For one it depends on the output jack(s) on the laptop, and it depends on the input jack of the stereo, if you had more details I could help.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-14 20:56:32
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Q: How do you hook up a laptop to a home stereo?
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How do you hook up stereo speakers to a truck stereo?

To hook up stereo speakers in a truck, attach the stereo wiring to the stereo and run it to the speakers. Clip the stereo speakers into the wires and place them in the panel spaces in the truck.

Can you hook up a PS2 to a laptop?

ya you can hook it up to any PC or laptop if they are usb enabled. most are.

If you already have a computer and want a laptop how do you hook it up?

Hook what up? If you want a laptop, go and buy one.

i have an metro pcs cell phone how do i hook it up to my laptop?

i have an metro pcs cell phone how do i hook it up to my laptop

Can you hook up a mini laptop to a TV?

Yes you actually can. You can hook up any kind of computer/laptop to t television, if you can buy an adapter cable to hook it up.

How do you hook up an vr3 200 watt 2 channel amp to a car stereo?

well you hook it up

How do you hook up house stereo in car?

with ur hands

Can you hook your laptop up to your tv through your PS3?

If you laptop has an HDMI output then you can hook it up directly to a HDTV with an HDMI input without the PS3.

Can you hook up an Xbox controller to a laptop?


How do you connect to laptop to Ethernet?

find the port on your laptop You hook it up just like u would hook up a phone cord to the phone you can easily connected

How to hook up zune to home stereo?

well it depends if there is rca jacks in the back....i hook mine up using the TV outputs but you can use phono which is ment for that and it just goes to a 3.5 mm headphone jack..

How do you hook your laptop up to a tv?

If it has s video just hook laptop s-video to TV. You can get this cable for it somewhere I cant remember where

How do you hook up video games on your PC?

Hook up a USB cable from the system to your hard drive or laptop.

How do I hook up my broken laptop monitor to another computer's monitor?

You can use a VGA cable to hook it up.

How can you print from your laptop?

You have to hook the USB cable from the printer up to the laptop. Then a program should come up and direct you from there. you

How do you Hook up a mouse to an apple laptop?

There is a USB slot on the side of the laptop, but the mouse USB in there.

How do you Import pictures from laptop to iphone?

get a USB, hook it up, press upload on laptop and wait

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How do you hook up a webcam to a dell laptop?

you stuff it in the hole

Wiring diagram for stereo on a 92 Chevrolet s10?


How do you hook up the antenna on a pioneer super tuner III D car stereo?

You get the anntenna cable and then you stick it into the stereo you idiot.

What is the stereo color coded wiring diagram on a 2008 ford van?

The stereo color coded wiring diagram on a 2008 Ford van is what shows you how to hook up a different stereo system in the vehicle if you choose to do that. The purpose of the diagram is so you hook the new stereo up correctly and all features and speakers work properly.

Can you hook up sub woofers to the stock stereo in 1997 s10 blazer?

yes, you have to go to your local stereo dealer and get a line converter. that will convert the regular speaker wires to rca which is the preferred way to hook up an amp

What are is the wiring diagram for a 1996 ford explorer to hook up to an aftermarket stereo?

You can purchase a plug at Circuit city or Best Buy that will plug into the original plug and it will come with a wiring diagram to hook up your After market stereo Cockerknot

Is it possible to hook up a laptop computer to broadband cable Internet service?

Yes, hook it up just like a desktop.