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is their a factory harness already there ? whether their is or not you can rewire pretty easily,cut both wires going to each fog light leaving enough to reconnect, you'll need a 30amp 4 pin relay the 4 pins would be marked 30/87/85/86 mount your relay under hood with the #30 pin fused with a 20amp fuse and use approx. 12 or 14 guage wire connecting to the +12 aux. battery post or to the battery, dont put the fuse in until all the wiring is complete. run #87 to both fog lights wiring to the wire going to the bulb,the other wire you have coming from the lights would need to be grounded, #86 then would come into your switch their should be 2 wires coming to the fog light switch, same cut both, connect #86 to the one side and the other wire of the switch to the parking light circuit which can be found in the fuse box under the dash, their should be an empty lug available, test with cicuit tester should light when parking lights are turned on and stay on with headlights (be sure not to wire them to the dashboard dimming circuit won't hurt anything lights wont be as bright to be sure simply roll the dash illumination switch if circuit light stays bright your good if the brightness varies - wrong - check another circuit. next #85 needs to be grounded -wired- be sure to tape all cut ends of factory wires - wired this way you can turn lights on/off anytime if you want to as long as your parking lights or on. also if you leave your fog light switch turned on they will also go off when you turn your parking lights off. put your fuse in.

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Q: How do you hook up fog light on a safari the original light are there the switch is there but on the fuse panel where the fuse go s it seems to be blank so how would you go about hooking them up?
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