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How do you hook up fog lights on your 94 grand Cherokee?



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The factory fog lamps sit atop the bumper cover and are accessed by removing first 3 small screws that secure the top of the Jeep front grill that is plastic. After removing these 3 Phillips head screws the grill tilts forward at the top and you can slide it out at the bottom by lifting it up and out at the top. Now you can see the dull black plastic front reinforcement panel that lies behind the grill, and to which the main headlight adjusters are installed for the main headlights. Each Fog light is connected via wiring harness plug connector that you should get to by carefilly pulling the wiring from the rear of each fog light. When you get to the connector unclip it, and it then pulls apart so you can remove and service the fog light bulb. The fog lights are held in place by a single hex bolt that you can see, and easily access once the grill was removed. (note: Do Not try to unbolt the fog light from its steel bracket, it is not necessary, leave the steel bracket attached and remove it and the fog light as one unit) After you lift the bolt out the whole fog light and its support bracket come away. The Fog light bulb is changed by removing two small Phillips head screws accessible from the back of the fog lamp, and the lamp comes away from the black housing to reveal the bulb. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LOOSE the CLIP that holds the bulb in place. The bulb has a wire attached to it, and is sold as a single unit so do not attempt to pull the bulb from the wire and metal. Install in reverse order. This is a simple task, easily done in about 30 minutes with Phillips screw drivers and a socket wrench.